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The Doganaccia ski resort

Skiing like a champ

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In Tuscany, one of the most popular places to spend a “white weekend” focused on wellness amid the biting cold is most certainly the Doganaccia ski resort. Here, getting sporty in the cold will be a regenerative experience. Located in the Municipality of Cutigliano (Pistoia), the Doganaccia resort boasts 10 kilometers of downhill slopes. Skiers can have comfortable access thanks to its convenient cableway. At the cableway departure area, you’ll find the area’s ski school served by a ski-lift. This same structure also serves Slope 2, 3 and Chierroni. The Faggio di Maria ski-lift serves the second part of a slope bearing the same name and the second part of a slope called ‘Direttissima’. Thanks to artificial snow machines, skiing is guaranteed throughout the entire facility. Those who love the Great Outdoors can get in touch with nature thanks to a 2.5-km cross-country skiing trail that snakes around the San Gualberto Lake or enjoy the 3.2-km trail flanking Croce Arcana.

The snow-tubing route that runs alongside the Campo Scuola is a lot of fun, and there is a tapis roulant area that allows for powerful movement with  the tubes. There is a stretch of the Campo Scuola that is designated just for children.

Facilities: 1 cableway, 2 ski-lifts, 1 treadmill (Doganaccia Croce Arcana cableway undergoing maintenance)

3 blue, 5 red, 3 black
n. 1 snow tubing slope
n. 2 cross-country trails

Alpine ski trails
n. 1 ski school
n. 3 lodges

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