The big feast: Ideas (and recipes) for a “Sunday lunch”

Sunday lunch in Italy is a huge cultural tradition and Tuscany is no exception. From the starter to the dessert Sunday lunch is one of the best moment to taste the delicacies of the season.Wherever you are If you want to celebrate this traditional “ceremony” with your family members or friends here are some options for a traditional Fall Sunday Menu:


Salami and Figs

Chicken liver crostini recipe

First dish (for veggies)

Pasta with mushrooms sauce recipe (alla boscaiola)

Potato filled tortelli recipe

Pic credits - Cooperativa Zenzero

Main course

Mixed Fried Meats recipe

Wild Boar Stew with Black Olives recipe

Buglione recipe

Pic credits: ellenpronk on Flickr


Tiramisu recipe

Pic credits: suzie de pingu on Flickr

Castagnaccio recipe

Pic credits: Alessandro Salamone on Flickr

Serve with tuscan red wine and vin santo (for the dessert). Enjoy!