The best pictures of Tuscany: Barga

Today we are showing you Barga. We have received some e-mails from travelers asking for more information about Garfagnana, a beautiful area here in Tuscany. You can read our article Drive around in Garfagnana, watch the video and now see the best pictures of Barga! As our dear reader Cristina Pagani  said, Barga is a lovely place and you shouldn't miss it. Enjoy it and see you around Tuscany... ;-) Every Saturday AroundTuscany selects the best photos of Tuscany found on Flickr. We choose a certain subject and we select some pictures taken by people we don’t know: maybe from a traveler, from someone who lives in Tuscany… the point is to show you the “real Tuscany”. There are so many real Tuscanies inside Tuscany that a single point of view wouldn’t be enough. Hope you enjoy the idea and stay tuned because we might select your picture next week!
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