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The best iPhone travel apps (Tuscany-related!)

iPhone apps Are you traveling to Italy with your iPhone? Here you find a list of the best travel apps Tuscany related. Hope it saves you time because there are so many apps available and sometimes it's hard to find time to test them all. We did this job for you! When you arrive in Tuscany don't forget to take a picture with your iPhone and share them with us via twitter (@aroundtuscany). We would love to hear from you! Agriturismo


We love it because: it's especially useful if you decide to travel without booking in advance. You get in your car, drive, have fun... when you are almost exhausted  looking for a hotel room with good local food (in Italy it's called "Agriturismo") you just use this app and it's done! Last update: March 30th 2010 Further info: Agriturismo.it - iTunes link Elba


We love it because: there's a big list of beaches with photo, description and directions! There is information about hotels (with last minute offers!), restaurants, weather, events and even ferries. Download it before traveling. Free. Available in English. Last update: August 6th 2010 Further info: Elba - iTunes link our Elba review Gowalla


We love it because: you can create a trip or follow someone else's. We have created  a trip called "Florence sightseeing" so when you arrive in Florence you can test it! Last update: August 29th 2010 Further info: Gowalla - iTunes link | our Gowalla review


We love it because: you can search trains in Italy; you can check if the train is on time (although I wouldn't trust it 100%); you can buy tickets (EuroStars and Intercity not local trains called "Regionali").  The coolest part ever is the voice recognition technology: you type city names only if you want. I use it quite often!  Free app. Of course the next step is an English version (not available in the US store)... Last update: August 31st 2010 Further info: Pronto Treno - iTunes link Shoot it


We love it because: you can easily send postcards to your friends and family using the photos you take during your trip! It's available in English and Japanese; the app is free and the first postcard too. Last update: August 31st 2010 Further info: Shoot it! - iTunes link Siena Walking Tours and Map


We love it because: you can choose a tour according to your preferences - museums,  shops, nightlife, sightseeings. It's a good try for first time visitors. I use the free version ("lite") but for some strange reason I couldn't find it at iTunes website.  Anyway, the free version is ok! Last update: September 1st 2010 Further info: Siena walking tours and map - iTunes link


We love it because: it avoid bad surprises! Driving in Tuscany is safer than ever because there are many speedcams, red-light cameras and safety tutors. In the other hand, in the small roads it's easy to go faster than the 50km/hour (31 miles/h) in urban areas. There is an optional service to join the community and receive information about traffic, incidents, roadworks reported in real-time. Sometimes the database is not 100% accurate because they inform a speedcam and you don't find any speedcam, but I noticed this happens because the speedcam was removed. Last update: April 6th 2010 Further info: Speedcam Live - iTunes link Talking Italian Phrasebook


We love it because: it's easy to find the phrase you need according to categories like: Essentials, Travel, Accommodation, Food and Drink, Shopping and many others. This app is a big success and now you don't have to pay for it anymore as they are sponsored by Fiat 500. Last update: August 17th 2010 Further info: Talking Italian Phrasebook - iTunes link

Tripadvisor appTRIPADVISOR

We love it because: it's available in several languages (English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish); it's free, you can find hotels, restaurants, things to do and flights using the database of Tripadvisor. Last update: May 23rd 2010 Further info: Tripadvisor - iTunes link Tuscany+


We love it because: it's an augmented reality app! You point your iPhone 3GS or iPhone4 in any direction and it shows you name and description of sightseeings, hotels, restaurants, museums and entertainment. In other words: it's fun!  Available in English or Italian; free. Last update: April 29th 2010 Further info: Tuscany+ - iTunes link | our review


We love it because: it's not as heavy as most paper guide books; it's cheaper than paper guide books ($1,99) and it is complete. It's available in English, Italian or Spanish. You must download it with a wi fi connection because it's heavy (93.7Mb). Last update: May 5th 2010 Further info: Uffizi Gallery - iTunes link | our old review


We love it because: it's easy to find wi-fi hotspots and you can select if you prefer a free or paid one. This is incredibly  useful for people from other countries because paying roaming is not always fun... Last update: August 10th 2010 Further info: Wi-fi Finder - iTunes link