The Archeological Park of the "Città del Tufo"

Discovering Etruscan tombs in the rocky necropoli of Vitozza and a visit to the impressive Orsini Fortress

The Archeology Park was opened in 1998 and covers a piece of land which is uniquely beautiful, marked by volcanic tufo rock and rich vegetation. This area has been an important site of activity since Etruscan times and the numerous monumental tombs and necropoli  still bear testament to this today. Some of the most important of these are the Ildebranda Tomb, the Pola Tomb, the Sileno Tomb, the Pisa Tomband the Sirena Tomb.

Entrance to the park is through the Visitor's Centre in Sovana which also includes an exhibit introducing Etruscan culture and the history of the Etruscans in Sovana. The itinerary then takes you through the nearby Etruscan necropoli, to the Medieval settlement of San Rocco (with beautiful views), to Sorano and the Orsini Fortress where you can visit the Medieval and Renaissance Museum, finishing your visit at the settlement of Vitozza with its suggestive caves which are open to the public. Various services are offered including tour guides, horseback excursions, and hot-air balloon flights but reservations are necessary.

Opening hours:
January 1-January 6: Every day, 9am-7pm
January 7-March 14: Fridays-Sundays, 9am-5pm
March 15-November 3: Every day, 9am-7pm
November 4-December 12: Fridays-Sundays, 9am-5pm

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