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Teatro Verdi: one of the most beautiful theaters in Tuscany

teatro verdi There are many interesting things to do in Florence and certainly one of them is go to a concert at Teatro Verdi. The theater itself is a big attraction: in 1854 it was inaugurated under the  name of "Teatro delle Antiche Stinche" by Girolamo Pagliano. The original name was a reference to the old 13th Century prision "Carcere delle Stinche" that was replaced with the new impressive theater; several cells are still visible today on the underground levels of the theater. Only in 1901 the theater was renamed as Teatro Verdi. Designed by the architect Telemaco Bonaiuti, Teatro Verdi has undergone three different renovations after 1950. Today, as throughout its 150 years, the theatre presents a program which includes various performing arts in addition to housing ORT's classical music concerts: theatre, opera, operetta, ballet, pop and jazz concerts, film premières and conventions. The calendar of events are available at the official website.

Malika Ayane at Teatro Verdi

Malika Ayane Yesterday I went to Teatro Verdi to listen to the incredible voice of the Italian singer Malika Ayane. The concert was awesome, the contrast of the old classical theater with the young and fresh style of Malika created the perfect atmosphere. There was no where else I wanted to be than there, watching her performance with faces and gestures. The shy audience became warm, we were all clapping and cheering. Here is a piece of that special night at the 156 years old theater: [geo_mashup_map]