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Tactile art path at the Uffizi for the blind

Venere Botticelli A special itinerary that will allow also blind people to enjoy a special path to connect with the Uffizi Gallery masterpieces. 18 bas-relief sculptures will be presented at the Uffizi Gallery plus also a reproduction of the Botticelli's Venus. On December 3rd at the Uffizi Gallery will open a new artistic itinerary specifically deisgned for blind people and composed by 18 bas-relieves statues that will allow blind people to feel the sculptures housed in the Uffizi Gallery. December the 3rd is a special day for this opening, it the official international day of disabled people. Besides the path, some special Braille panels will be prepared will all the details about the sculptures located in the itinerary and special details to get all the useful informations in order to make the best of the tactile experience, moreover the visitors of this special path will wear a special pair of glooves to avoid any danger to the artcrafts and will be guided into the path with a guide tha twill manage the way. This special itinerary, turned on an experimental basis in 2009, has already ben tested by about 50 people, as explained by the curator of the path Fabrizio Paolucci, part of this project are "works of ancient times, such as sarcophagi, busts and portraits, also chosen on the basis of making it an easy tactile experience ": among them, there are also a cupid in black marble of the first century after Christ that belonged to Lorenzo de 'Doctors, a hermaphrodite of the second century after Christ, the torso of a centaur (2 / sec or. AD) and a portrait of Caracalla. All the sculptures chosen for the special route (available by reservation) are made of Carrara marble. If the path will achieve a good sucess, the project and paths will also be enlarged to more recent sclulptures. For more details about this initiative you can contaxt directli the Uffizi Gallery, the educational section.