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Super Tuscan Cars – the Antas and the Vulca

Super Tuscan Car – the Antas and the Vulca Is it possible to be in love with an inanimate object? Or maybe lust… there is something thrillingly wrong about how much passion these cars can stir in a person. When someone told me that the star car from the film ‘Speedracer’ was built in Tuscany and is a real live road car I didn’t quite believe it. Which is how I found myself in close proximity to the sexiest supercar I have ever seen. So, what’s the story? FM Auto, who design and build the stunning Antas (from Speedracer)  and the classic Vulca, are a family business composing Mario & Walter Farelli and Luca Mazzanti. It all started in ’76 with a classic car restoration business. In 2003 a plan was hatched to build the most beautiful car on the planet. It had to look good, drive well and perform brilliantly.  The Antas was finally launched in Monaco in 2006 and created a real stir. There was nothing as beautiful and downright sexy on the motoring scene at the time. The makers of Speedracer saw the Antas in a motoring magazine and pounced on it for their film. FM Autos build this type of car to your personal specifications. Every part of the car can be tailored to you. I particularly liked the thumping music system in the Vulca and the rear view camera in the Antas. These cars are straight out of a comic book. Driving down the autostrada, everyone must think you are batman. Built of aluminium , the panels are beaten by hand, in fact, everything is done by hand and the effect is a car that no one else on the planet will be driving. Being market leaders in design, Luca Mazzanti admits that other supercar designers steal their ideas. “There’s nothing to be done about it: it’s actually quite a compliment.” Apparently the Antas’ unique split windscreen and top attaching windscreen wipers were the first things to be copied by other designers in the supercar industry. There will only be 10 Vulca’s ever made. Get your order in quick. It takes up to a year to produce and will cost you around €390k. And I assure you, if you have that kind of cash and like to make an entrance, it is a bargain. “Our ethos is to produce the best of the best super car. We don’t want to sell out or even produce more than a couple of cars per year. We just love doing what we do.” Says Luca. These guys are incredibly professional and passionate about their work. However, being a very small, family run business, they are not equipped with a slick marketing department, PR person etc. Lucca tells me that they nearly sold the Antas  (there is only one in the world so far) to JayKay from Jamiroquai but they all got too drunk to broke a deal and the superstar was whisked off by his ‘people’ never to be seen again. Which is a crying shame because these cars positively howl ‘rock star’.
In development from FM Autos at the moment is the next phase of super car. Slightly less curvaceous and without the family friendly back seat, the F1M (it hasn’t yet been assigned a full name) is a smaller, sportier version of the Vulca. Whereas the Vulca is a gorgeous, sensuous beast, the F1M is going to be a masculine, testosterone fueled fantasy of a car.  Can’t wait to test drive it! Check out the state of the art website with a video of the car production system – it’s awesome www.femauto.it This is an article taken from The Tuscan Magazine, written by Sarah Fraser