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l'ame de montparnasse
Photo ©Marta Chirici

From Mart and Zed-1 to Ligama and Liard

Street art in Livorno: 5 must-see street art works in colourful Livorno

Mart and the Sea, Mart's tribute to Giovanni Fattori

Mart e il mare
Mart e il mare - Credit: Francesco Luongo

Mural Zed-1 in Borgo Dei Cappuccini 179

Murale Zed 1
Murale Zed 1 - Credit: Marta Chirici

"L'âme de Montparnasse" (The soul of Montparnasse): Liard's homage to Modigliani

l'ame de montparnasse
l'ame de montparnasse - Credit: Marta Chirici

“Quando manca l’aria” (When there's no air): Ligama's homage to Jeanne Hebuterne

Quando manca l'aria
Quando manca l'aria - Credit: Uovo alla Pop

"Fiori di glicine" (Wisteria flowers): Ligama interprets “Livornine” laws

Fiori di glicine
Fiori di glicine - Credit: Marta Chirici
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