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Siena, a city without limits

Touring spots where accessibility is a top priority

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Get ready to admire the natural treasures and cultural gems located within the city of Siena! The physically challenged or disabled can truly enjoy the city’s sights; myriad churches and museums are accessible to everyone. 

The Academy of Fisiocritici - Museum of Natural History - Accessible. Accessible restrooms. Tel. 0577 47002

The Duomo – Accessible thanks to a special entrance situated to the left of the main staircase.  Tel. 0577 283048

The Duomo’s crypt
– Reservations reccomended. Accessible with a guide. Tel. 0577 283048

Civic Museum – Accessible thanks to a lift. Accessible restrooms. Tel. 0577 292223-226-263

National Painting Gallery
The building is completely accessible thanks to a lift that takes you to the top floor. It is completely accessible thanks to a stair lift. Tel. 0577 281161 - 286143

Museum Complex - Santa Maria della Scala.
All of its halls are accessible; the lower floors are accessible thanks to external corridors when accompanied by museum guards. Accessible restrooms. The blind and visually impaired can participate in special educational group tours. Tel. 0577 224811

Bookshop Piccolomini - This book shop is located inside the Duomo. It’s accessible thanks to a ramp located to the left of the main entrance. Tel. 0577 283048

The Church of Sant'Agostino – Accessible thanks to a side entrance. Accessible restrooms. Tel. 0577 226785

Baptistry San Giovanni  Baptistry Accessible with a guide. Tel. 0577 283048

The sanctuary and home of Santa Caterina
This structure is completely accessible thanks to a series of internal ramps. You can reach it from Via della Sapienza, Via delle Terme and Via dei Pittori. The blind can enjoy a special guided visit: at the entrance of the sanctuary, you’ll find a line of bricks on the floor that form a path leading to a panel with Braille explanations about the sight. Tel. 0577 288175 - 221562

Palazzo delle Papesse - Center for Contemporary Art – Accessible thanks to a lift; there are 4 steps at the side entrance and a restroom for the disabled in the courtyard which can be reached thanks to a ramp.
Tel. 0577 22071

The Children's Museum - The museum is located on the third floor and it can be reached by means of a lift. Tactile materials are available for the blind. Tel. 0577 46517

For information or suggestions regarding a visit to Siena, please contact:

Cooperativa “Sogno Telematico”
Piazza del Campo - Palazzo Berlinghieri 7/8 - 53100 Siena
e-mail: sognotelematico@comune.siena.it
Mondays and Tuesdays 9.30am/5.30pm

Please call the following toll-free number for assistance:
Toll-free number: 800 - 585052, service available from 9.30am to 5.30pm from Monday to Friday.  www.comune.siena.it/disabinf/access.html

Source: Municipality of Siena