Seravezza photography exibition 2011 Lucca

If you're into photography (like I am) before coming to Tuscany I'm sure you will check if there are any exhibitions around that are worth seeing during your stay. So this post is for you photography lovers, but also for you Tuscany lovers that are into photography! "Seravezza Fotografia" is the 8th edition of a Photography exhibit that takes place from the 29th January until the 3rd of April in the Medicean Area of Seravezza in the heart of hystorical Versilia, in Lucca. This exhibit that has now become an important national event that links great names of the national and international photography with the passionate amatorial photography world all directed by the supervision of Libero Musetti. The program includes 7 different exhibits. The most important one is dedicated to a great man of modern photography like Roger Ballen, that will also introduce some important photography workshops, photography courses, portfolio readings and meetings of photographic culture. A cool aspect of this year's edition is also the decision to break the barriers and invade different venues such as The Accademy of Belle Arti in Carrara, the Center of Contemporary Arts in Pietrasanta, to finally enter in the heart of Florence thanks to the cooperation with the Casa della Creatività, where there will also be a side exhibit. The opening of the exhibits will start with the american photographer Roger Ballen, from the 29th January until the 3rd of April in the Palazzo Mediceo in Lucca (see the map below). The american artist, that has always been fashinated by South Africa will show a set of his strongest and most visionary works between art and photography. A selection of his most famous photographies, selected for his power to express the dimensions of the interior landscape of man, all in black and white and arriving from 4 different periods (2001, 2005, 2009, 2010) Other important expositions will take place in the Scuderia Granducati (close to the Palazzo Mediceo): such as "Buenos Aires Cafè" by Lucia Baldini from the 19th February until the 6th of March , "Inside the city" by Ivano Bolondi from the 29th January until the 13th of February and a collective exhibit curated by Micromosso from the 12th of march until the April 3rd. There are then four side exhibits by Maria Riva Christensen and Nico Orlandi. The Scuderie will also become a special location where different photography workshops will take place, such as still life, portraits, landscape, glamour pictures, jass music photography etc. If you want to meet and ask questions to the great american photographer Roger Ballen you will be able to meet him on Sunday January the 30th in Florence at the Casa della Creatività and on Monday the 31st at the Accademia in Carrara. With him during these meetings you will also be able to meet Giovanni Marrozzini, Giovanna Calvenzi, Ivano Bolondi, Gaetano Poccetti, Alex Maioli, the war reporter Livio Senigalliesi introduced by Gianni Minà, and Adriano Altamira with "the real story of the conceptual photography". Here is the direct link at the Seravezza photography exhibition, in italian! As you are in the Versilia area, we recommend you to try at least one of this local products: Lardo di Colonnata Cecina Garmugia Soup ...and if you're into Art, check out some art itineraries around Lucca! [geo_mashup_map]