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Pistoia: 3 tours to get to know the city

Museums, contemporary art and traditional crafts

Off the tourist track, Pistoia proves a welcome surprise for all those visiting it for the first time. For newcomers to the city, here are three tours to find out more about local handicrafts:

 1.Metal tours": the main material combined with contemporary style. Whether it's designer jewellery or home lighting, check out cutting-edge experimentalism, as seen at Fattoria di Celle, an exhibition space that focuses on recent expressions of research.

2.comparing artforms: interior design and medieval monuments”: on one hand, balance of forms and the sobriety of the basilica of Madonna dell'Umiltà, on the other, the unbridled and dreamlike creativity of young artists.

3.museums and fabrics in the embroidery city”: visit the textile art workshops, where, alongside age-old lace, explodes a riot of modern colourful rugs and tapestries.

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Pistoia Mountains
The Pistoia Mountains extend from the Alpe delle Tre Potenze to the eastern slopes of La Croce, near the Acquerino Forest. ...
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Pistoia Mountains