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lungarno pisano

Pisan coastline

From San Rossore to the Tirrenia and Marina di Pisa Riviera

Map for 43.716135,10.396602

Besides the sea, there is is an unexpected surprise awaiting here, the natural oasis of the estate-park of San Rossore. Among the alternating landscapes of the Tuscan coastline, this forest on the edge of the sea is extraordinary. Alongside this sea that was once inhabited by prehistoric sharks, nowadays this protected and undisturbed forest is populated with fallow and roe deer, wild boar and foxes. The dense foliage of the pines, oaks, poplars and ash-trees is protected by the high sandy dunes, frequented by wild duck, seagulls, oyster catchers and gannets, all within half an hour’s drive from the more important cities of historical and artistical interest.

After this refreshing dip into nature, the Tyrrhenia and Marina di Pisa Riviera awaits, with its strip of quartzous beach lined with thick pine-woods, beyond which lies the monumental town of Pisa. A visit here is an occasion not to be missed, not only for the famous ‘Piazza dei Miracoli’, and the ‘Leaning Tower’ but also for the invaluable treasures nearby such as the Certosa di Calci, a Carthusian monastery just outside Pisa, with its natural history museum. Going back towards the sea, it is worth taking a walk along the last part of the Arno, around the river mouth, before it flows into the sea, where the sport of eel-fishing is practised.