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Pasta types and Recipes

What kind of pasta is on my plate? What kind of pasta is on your plate? by Charming Italy A little Info and Graphics on pasta types, I love this chart and think we all need one above our kitchen table! Click on it to enlarge and read every single name on the image! I also thought I'd give you a list of all the pasta recipes we made this year in this single page!

Italian Pasta dough Recipe

to begin with, before the actual recipes using dry pasta from a box here's how you can make it yourself!

Cannelloni Recipe

next you should know that cannelloni is a kind of pasta but it's not Tuscan!

Penne Strascicate Recipe

creamy meat and bechamel sauce...check it out!

Spring Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

vegetarian with herbs I make it whenever I have nothing in the fridge but I always have herbs that grow on my balcony!

Pappardelle Sulla Lepre Recipe

if you love game, this dark wintery hare sauce is perfectly matched with Pappardelle.