Paintball in Tuscany

Would you like to spend a couple of hours in a really different way? Try paintball! If you have never heard about paintball you need a small guide of this activity. Paintball is a sport similar to war game in which single players or groups of people compete tagging opponents with paintballs, capsules containing water-soluble dye and gelatin shell outside. To shoot these paintballs you need a paintball marker or paintball gun.
Paintball [Photo Credits: Lucca Paintball]
Paintball [Photo Credits: Lucca Paintball]
Paintball is played at a sporting level but also as a military training; there are leagues and organized competitions. Paintball can be played indoor or outdoor, in a game field scattered with terrains where players can hide. In general you have to wear protective masks and a special jacket. Additional equipment can include pods and pod packs, paintball jerseys and pants, elbow and knee pads.
Paintball equipment [Photo Credits: Paintball Lucca]
Paintball equipment [Photo Credits: Paintball Lucca]
Where to play paintball in Tuscany Arezzo province
  • A.S.D. Paintballs Arezzo Loc San Frustino 52020 Pergine Valdarno Arezzo Website
  • Tenuta di Lupinari: Località i Lupinari 52021 Bucine, Arezzo telephone +39 055 991 2011 ‎ Website
Florence province
  • ASD Paintball Firenze Vicolo del Ciofo 4a, presso Sporting Club La Florentia (Firenze), +39 392 1896688 Website
Grosseto province
  • Ente Sportivo Nazionale Paintball C.S.E.N. Via Pakistan 58100 Grosseto Website
  • ASD Hallucinate Paintball Park Via Orcagna presso stadio da baseball Rosemar (Grosseto), 3898815162 Website
Paintball [Photo Credits: paintball War A.S.D.]
Paintball [Photo Credits: paintball War A.S.D.]
Lucca province
  • Paintball Lucca asd località Cararri, 24 - Altopascio tel. +39 349 2395604 Mauro, +39 389 9548793 Graziella Website
  • Lucca Paintball asd San Cassiano di Controne, 55022 Bagni di Lucca tel. +39 349 608 7277 Website
Massa Carrara province
  • Paintball Versilia Via Pradaccio, 24bis 54100 Massa Massa e Carrara Website
Pisa province
  • Paintball Toscana via Coltano (PI) via Palazzi 50 Ludovico +39 329.1228625 and Paolo +39 347.6498510 Website
  • Paintball War asd località Ortacavoli 3, 56046 Riparbella (PI)