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Outdoor Vacations in Tuscany

Discover the region in the open air!


Outdoor vacations are very popular with a wide range of tourists, even in Tuscany. The choice of spending a vacation in a campground is not only motivated by the reasonable prices but by the incredible opportunities of spending time in close contact with nature with all the comforts of home, while being far from the chaos, pollution and stress, even in the busiest seasons.
Open air tourism is important for those who care about the environment. Campgrounds and bungalow sites are usually surrounded by nature, and so they allow people to relax and also enjoy visits to nearby cities, the hills and the surrounding countryside. The contained costs also allow people to take longer vacations in better quality places.
Hotel structures are available to a wide range of people, from families to youngsters. In fact, to meet the diversity of the demand there are more and more modern and sophisticated places to stay such as bungalows and mobile homes, all of which have all the comforts necessary.
Tuscany is definitely at the center of this trend. All of the campgrounds in Tuscany are ideal for vacations that have a low impact on the environment. The environmental and artistic heritage of our region allows us to situate our structures in areas that are important, within regional parks or near them.
Care for the environment and for the resources of the area is one of the main characteristics of plein air vacations, and one that is at the heart of sustainable tourism. These kinds of structures don't alter the environment, be it natural, social or artistic, and they don't inhibit the development of other social and economic activities. The areas where these kinds of campgrounds exist also means that the environment is at the heart of the people who live there. Open-air structures use less energy and are more respectful of the environment. Moreover they are an important resource for the area that hosts them, both at an economic level as well as for socio-cultural interaction among the local population and tourists. 
Tuscany offers wide opportunities for open air vacations, and has one special quality: we have a fantastic environmental heritage and a strong system of mid-size tourist business that are environmentally friendly. Tuscany can offer vacations that are better for the environment and culture in all areas: by the sea, in parks, close to historical sites and artistic masterpieces. These vacations are affordable, safe, they allow you to do what you and want and offer opportunities for socialization. 
The data surrounding the development of outdoor tourism proves our point. Tuscany is today the second largest region in Italy in the sector, with 15% of the national structures. It has first place position in seaside tourism. On a European scale, Tuscany is one of the first ten locations for outdoor tourism. Outdoor tourism is not just a category, but an important product that our region can offer. 
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