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On vacation with four-legged friends

An unforgettable experience with your animal friends

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Everyone’s favorite time of the year is almost here—it’s vacation time! Whether you decide to visit an art city, relax on the beach, or immerse yourself in mountain nature, don’t forget to bring your four-legged pet friends with you!

Tuscany is a cultural and natural paradise ready to be discovered along with your pet friends who are welcome in many hospitality structures all over the region. Those coming with their pets aren’t considered second-class guests—in fact, they will get the traditional welcome along with some animal “extras”.

From the fable-like Sienese countryside, between medieval castles and Romanesque churches, to excursions along the Tuscan Apennines. Or take a trip between sea and sport along the Tuscan coast. All of this with your beloved companion at your side.

Being with your best friend even when far from home is an important experience that is now fully possible. The hotels and hospitality structures that accept domesticated animals, dogs and cats, all guarantee not only access but all of the services that allow for a top notch stay for both of you.

Hotels will not discriminate; some even have rooms with a small garden and special beds. They can eat with you in restaurants and will be treated like special guests—the waiter or manager will serve well-balanced meals, bowls filled with fresh water and healthy, nutritious food. Further, they can run freely in the surrounding parks and play with the utmost safety.
What are you waiting for? Pack you and your buddy’s bags and get on the road—Tuscany’s beauty is waiting for you.
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