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Nightlife in Pisa

Pisa by night [Photo Credits: ljcybergal http://ow.ly/hdQsr]
Pisa by night [Photo Credits: ljcybergal http://ow.ly/hdQsr]

When we think about Pisa we wouldn't normally think about its nightlife, but this city hides a few surprises.   In fact, with a lively student population and frequent travellers, Pisa hides a pretty entertaining nightlife with a variety of  bars, pubs and clubs  enough to keep travelers and students happy on a night out. Thursdays are the big night in the city, as (along with stretches during the summer) the students often go home on weekends. Besides the ordinary nightlife, June is a special month in Pisa, better know as Giugno Pisano including a lot of traditional events such as: Luminara of Saint Ranieri celebration: On June 16th along the Arno river of Pisa the tradition of  Luminara of Saint Ranieri is renewed. Pisans celebrate their patron, Saint Ranieri, on June 17th, but the Luminara begins the day before. During this night the city is filled with wax candles, set in glasses and fixed in wooden white frames, then placed on the outline of the buildings, bridges, churches and towers along the river. The leaning Tower is also illuminated  by oil lamps, set in the city walls of Piazza dei Miracoli. During the night in the center several parties, music and fun takes place. The night ends with fireworks.

Giugno Pisano
Giugno Pisano

Here you can find a list of clubs and pubs around the city of Pisa, also mapped in this link:

BUENAVISTA Address: Via Provinciale Francesca sud - 56100 (PISA) Phone: +39 338 4457233

HAPPY DAY Address: Via Niccolini 4 - 56017 San Giuliano Terme (PISA) Phone: +39 050 818572

DRESS CODE Address: Via di Gello 175 - 56038 Ponsacco (PISA)

Address: Via Litoranea 14 - 56013 Marina di Pisa - Pisa (PI) Phone: +39 050 35035 - Fax: +39 050 35528


Address: Via delle Sorgenti 58 - 56017 (PISA) Phone: +39 050 855998


Address: Largo Riviera - 56018 Tirrenia - Pisa (PI) Phone: +39 050 30635

PUB LA PAPERINA Address: Largo Rieti 2 - 56100 Pisa (PI) Phone: +39 050 830689

ROCKAFORTE Address: Via Carducci 13 - 56017 Ghezzano - San Giuliano Terme (PISA) Phone: +39 050 878865 - Fax: +39 050 878865

TOTEM ROCK CLUB Address: Via De Gaspari 50 - 56100 Castelfranco di Sotto (PISA) Phone: +39 0571 489569

BOCCACCIO Address: Via del Tiglio 143 - 56100 Calcinaia (PISA) Phone: +39 0587 2970

PACHAMAMA Address: Via Pisorno 64 - 56100 Tirrenia - Pisa (PI) Phone: +39 050 30521

AKUA KETA Address: Via Sancasciani 8 - 56125 Pisa (PI) Phone: +39 050 43285 - Fax: +39 050 43285

BAZEEL Address: Lungarno Pacinotti 1 - 56100 Pisa (PI) Phone: +39 349 1902586

PICK A FLOWER Address: Via Della Sapienza 7 - 56126 Pisa (PI) Phone: +39 050 9910112


The theatre was built to host  Andrea Bocelli at least once a year. This year is going to be July the 24th and 25th, 2010.

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