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New Year’s Eve… from the "PIAZZA" point of view!

In Tuscany, on December 31st … “Ci vediamo in piazza” – we’ll see each other in the square! Great concerts and events are being organized to worthily welcome, all together, the New Year. But, for once, let’s look at this special night from another point of view: the piazza point of view! FLORENCE - Santa Maria Novella station In Florence, the main event will not be in a proper piazza: the big stage for the much-awaited Subsonica concert will be placed in front of the Santa Maria Novella train station. But this doesn’t make it less interesting from an artistic and historic point of view. Florence’s main train station is, in fact, an important monument, designed in 1932 by a group of architects known as the Gruppo Toscano, a group that included Giovanni Michelucci and Italo Gamberini. It is a fine example of the Italian rationalism. The station’s stone frontage is made of “pietra forte”, while the roof is made entirely of metal and glass and the floor of the “Salone delle Partenze” (Departure Hall) has a distinctive design: long marble lines crossing the whole station, from one entrance to the other, like “fast lanes” for the hurried passengers!
[Photo Credits: stevemaher on Flickr http://ow.ly/gq4cL ]
[Photo Credits: stevemaher on Flickr http://ow.ly/gq4cL ]

And, since you’re in Florence and since we are talking about squares, don’t forget that there will be a gospel concert in piazza SS Annunziata, a jazz concert in piazza della Repubblica, and a classical music concert in Piazza della Signoria.

PISA - Piazza Carrara Pisa has organized a big, free open-air concert for the last night of 2012 (and the first day of 2013, of course!), starting at 6pm with the singer-songwriter Edoardo Bennato and following with Zen Circus, a “home-made” band! The square is Piazza Carrara, a big square overlooking the river and one of the oldest piazzas of the city. Around the square there are a few sixteenth-century palaces and the eighteen-century Pellegrino Palace. On the left side, there is the apse of the San Nicola church. In the middle there is a marble monument dedicated to Ferdinando I de’ Medici. SIENA – Piazza del Campo Do we really need to talk about the beauty of Piazza del Campo? The unique shell shape, the medieval palaces around it, the amazing Palazzo Comunale and Torre del Mangia. Just don’t miss it! And on the occasion of New Year’s Eve, the historical centre of Siena will be animated with music and special events, with the grand finale in Piazza del Campo.
[Photo Credits: gyst Flickr http://ow.ly/gq4l0 ]
[Photo Credits: gyst Flickr http://ow.ly/gq4l0 ]

GROSSETO – Piazza Dante Grosseto will await for the midnight hour with music and shows in its main square: Piazza Dante. Built between the 1200s and the 1300s, it has a typical trapezoidal shape. Here, we find the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, designed by the Sienese architect Sozzo Rustichini at the end of the 13th century, Palazzo Aldobrandeschi, built on a pre-existing medieval structure, and, at the centre of the piazza, a monument dedicated to Grand Duke Leopold II of Lorena (also known as “Monumento al Canapone”).

LUCCA – Piazza Napoleone Sparkling wine, music, an open-air discotheque, an ice-skating rink… is the New Year’s in Lucca and, precisely, in Piazza Napoleone, the city’s main square. The site, called “Piazza Grande” (big square) by everyone, was dedicated to Napoleon by his sister Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, who wanted the entire square to be transformed by the French and Italian architects who gave prestige to the Ducal Palace also by demolishing the surrounding homes. But the project was stopped when the Principality was transformed into a Duchy, led by Maria Luisa of Borbone; she also commissioned to Lorenzo Bartolini a self-celebratory statue to be placed in the middle of the square. Lucca Piazza Napoleone

PRATO – Piazza Duomo "Duomo Architectural VJ Party" is the name of the event organized in Prato for the last night of the year. So, it is easy to imagine that the party will take place in Piazza Duomo! This square is absolutely the perfect place since it has always been a site for carnivals, markets, outdoor games and the display of the Sacred Belt, a Marian relic, that attracts crowds of worshippers. The Duomo, which is dedicated to Saint Stephen, dates back to the 10th century and conserves a number of notable works of art. As for the buildings that surround the square: on the southern side, there is the nineteenth century Palazzo Vestri, in front of which there is a statue of Giuseppe Mazzoni; the Bishop's Palace is next to the Duomo, and in front of it there is Palazzo Dragoni.

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