Montaione: Hidden treasure of Tuscany

When you think about Tuscany and its holiday destinations your mind always goes to Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca.....but there's much more in Tuscany and expecially there are many hidden treasures that are not on main tourist guides but that can reveal the authentic Tuscan atmosphere. One of these pearls is Montaione and its countryside. This village developed as a tourist destination from the ‘90s onwards. Montaione is lucky because of its perfect location: San Gimignano and Volterra are just round the corner and in less than one hour by car you can reach Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca or even smaller but nice villages like Certaldo, Monteriggioni, Vinci and the Tuscan seaside town of Cecina. Pretty cool, eh? Of course Montaione is in the country and it’s recommended to reach out to all previously mentioned destinations by car. The closest train station is 15 km far from Montaione so renting a car is the best choice in any case. View Larger Map

Sport, sport and sport!!!

If you like practicing sports during your holiday and would like to build an authentic relationship with the nature and the Tuscan landscape around you, Montaione offers a lot of open air sports and activities thanks to its territory made up of hills, woods, vineyard, olives, lakes, and historical sites you can discover step by step.

Ride a horse!

If you love horses and riding, you may want to discover Tuscany by horse. Montaione counts many horse back riding tracks throughout its countryside and woods, that have been made during the years by woodcutters!!! During the riding trips it’s fun to stop and discover the medieval castle of Vignale, the hamlet of Castelfalfi with it's exclusive Golf Club or the Roman Cister and many more panoramic views.

Rent a bike!

Maybe you are scared by horses, so and ideal solution is to ride a bike, there are many trails for you on tracks or normal streets. A lot of bikers love to reach San Gimignano or Volterra by bike, too. For extreme mountain bike practicers I always suggest to use the Montaione traks map together with a gps since sometimes the road signs along the tracks are hidden by the growing trees and plants.

Have a well deserved Tuscan dish!

In Tuscany you can't miss the possibility to taste good food. In Montaione you will find many restaurants and trattorie where to eat slowly typical Tuscan dishes: my favourite is, of course, the Fiorentina t-bone steak!
Thank you to Lauro Lotti, owner of Agriturismo Belmonte, in Montaione, for his post :)