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Parco Minerario dell'Isola d'Elba. Museo dei minerali e arte minararia

Mines, Mining and Industrial Archaeology

There are mineral beds scattered all over Tuscany

From the Apuan Alps to the Metalliferous Hills, from Mount Amiata to the island of Elba and the area of Campigliese. Throughout the ages, our region has been accompanied by a mining activities: Etruscan ships, laden with red haematite extracted from the island of Elba, docked in the bay of Baratti; medieval castles were erected to protect the metalliferous areas.

Today, you can relive the working day of a miner in the underground passages, some of which were still operating in the 20th century, on foot or on board a mini-train. Instead, those who are not lovers of the dark can take part in excursions to open-cast quarries and imposing shafts that shoot up towards the sky, or wander around the remains of Etruscan mines and “industrial” buildings.