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Michelangelo in Siena: drawings, poems, letters on exhibit

Michelangelo, Basi di pilastro per la Sagrestia Nuova, 1524 (Firenze, Casa Buonarroti)
Michelangelo, Basi di pilastro per la Sagrestia Nuova, 1524 (Firenze, Casa Buonarroti)
Over 50 precious works on paper by Michelangelo are on display this fall in Siena at the museum complex "Santa Maria della Scala". The drawings, letters, and poems are on loan from the archive and museum of the Casa Buonarroti in Florence. The exhibit attempts to trace the long life of Michelangelo (Caprese 1475 to Rome 1564) through letters (the first from the young Michelangelo to his family, the last to his favourite nephew Leonardo) that often were illustrated with sketches, and through complete drawings that can be related to major projects. There is a concentration on pieces from his artistic maturity in Florence and Rome (with works about the Julius tomb and the New Sacristy at San Lorenzo), but also a unique attention to the only project Michelangelo did for Siena, the recently restored Piccolomini altar in the city's Duomo. This is a rare occasion to see so many autograph works out at once: for restoration reasons, works on paper can only be exhibited for a limited time, usually three months, on a strict rotation. They are on loan from the Archivio Buonarroti, which resides in the house in Florence built by Michelangelo Buonarroti il Giovane in the 17th century on property purchased by Michelangelo himself. [gallery link="file"]


LA VITA DI MICHELANGELO: CARTE, POESIE, LETTERE E DISEGNI AUTOGRAFI DEL MAESTRO Siena, Santa Maria della Scala, September 4 to November 14 2010 tickets 6/3 euros