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Medieval town near Pisa

Peccioli Tuscany is a place to discover on your own. There's nothing better than driving around to explore the territory. You may find small medieval towns and fantastic places that are not included in the most popular travel guides. In the hills of Pisa, for example, there is this charming village called Peccioli.

In Peccioli you may visit some of the old churches like Chiesa di San Verano or Chiesa del Carmine. When you hear the bells of San Verano church you might begin your travel thorough time. Imagine people starting their new lives around a castle that was under the jusrisdiction of the Gherardesca's Counts in the Middle Age.  In Christmas time (December - January 6th) , there are many events for kids, some locals describe Peccioli as a fairy-tail village:  music, shows, artists performing in the streets, market. If you are with your kids don't miss the "Parco Preistorico di Peccioli" a park where kids can see dinosaurs made of fiberglass.