Maremma Park: Enjoy nature's beauty from a horse-drawn carriage

Explore the pine grove and seaside

You can ride a horse through it, ride your bike down its paths and canoe through its waterways. Now, the Park of Maremma can also be visited in a carriage. This innovation allows you to see the Park in a new way: travel in a carriage made for 18 people or one for 8 people with wheelchair assistance. In this way, you can see some of the most amazing parts of the Park of Maremma.

The smooth and steady passage of the strong horses allows visitors to get closer to the animals who live in wilderness, such as cows and horses, without scaring them, as you would herds in the wild. The carriage tour is ideal also for birdwatching in the winter. From the carriage you can see the winter habitats for birds even in poor weather.

The first route, which lasts about 3 and a half hours, crosses the Granducal Pine Grove and ends up in the Grotte area, passing near the medieval tower of Castel Marino and, below, the Renaissance tower of Collelungo. The magnificent beach nearby, lined with dunes rich in vegetation, takes its name from this tower, and you'll make a stop on its shores for 45 minutes. During this journey, you can meet wild animals like deer and boar. 

The second route only takes two hours and goes through the Lasco Forest, passing through Vaccareccia, where you can spot the Biancone, a majestic bird of prey that's typical of this area. The route leads you through a beautiful forest of centuries-old trees, including a variety of oaks, and you can watch deer and wild boars roam around freely.