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Lunigiana by bike:

Lunigiana by bike: the best itineraries

5 itineraries to discover the Lunigiana region by bike from North to South

by  Lunigiana

The Lunigiana region is the perfect destination for cycling enthusiasts, boasting several itineraries of various difficulties ideal both for MTB and e-bikes.  Here you can pedal across medieval villages, chestnut and beech woods, with mesmerizing views over ancient castles as well as the Apennines and Apuan Alps peaks

If you are planning a cycling holiday, you will find a wide choice of accommodations ranging from hotel-style to agriturismos and b&bs, offering all the necessary services for a comfortable stay. If you prefer one-day or round-trip itineraries, you cannot miss a lunch break at one of the many typical restaurants offering exquisite local cuisine. 

For keen cyclists, we suggest the Lunigiana Trail cycling route, a multi-day itinerary that you can adapt according to your needs and physical training. E-bikes are also available locally for rent to enjoy the ride with the help of the motor assistance. 

A rich calendar of guided tours suitable for all types of cyclists, including families, is available all year round. A fun and sustainable way to explore Lunigiana.

  • 1.
    Cycling at the foot of the Apuan Alps
  • 2.
    Cycle across the Middle Ages in the Bagnone valley
  • 3.
    Cycling the Via Francigena from castle to castle
  • 4.
    Cycle across the Middle Ages in the Fivizzano valley
  • 5.
    Conquer the Logarghena meadows by Mtb

Cycling at the foot of the Apuan Alps

Bici a Monte de'Bianchi
Bici a Monte de'Bianchi - Credit: Alter Eco coop.

Cycling at the foot of the Unesco Geopark of the Apuan Alps, you will discover some hidden gems of the Lunigiana region. The starting point is the bike centre at Equi Terme. From here you will cycle as far as Codiponte to visit its Romanesque church featuring sandstone portals and capitals sculpted with mysterious figures, as well as a beautiful triptych. Back on your bike to reach the imposing Aquila Castle in Gragnola, overlooked by the Apuan Alps peaks, before continuing to Monte dei Bianchi, a small hamlet where excellent local wines are produced. You can taste them during your lunch break at the local restaurant.
Cycle your way back across the villages of Mezzana and Monzone to get to the starting point in Equi Terme.

  • Total length: 25 km 
  • Difficulty: easy

Cycle across the Middle Ages in the Bagnone valley

Bici al castello di Malgrate
Bici al castello di Malgrate - Credit: Matteo Dunchi per AOTL

The Lunigiana region is a territory located in northern Tuscany characterized by hilltop medieval villages and castles, and fascinating towers dotting the lush landscape. This itinerary is suitable for the whole family thanks to the e-bikes (you can also use regular bikes, but keep in mind the elevation gain). The starting point is the e-bike centre located in Filattiera at the Pieve di Sorano Info Point, next to the Romanesque church of the same name. From here you will cycle along the Protected Natural Area of the Magra River as far as Villafranca and the hamlet of Malgrate, overlooked by an imposing circular tower. You then continue towards the charming village of Bagnone, crossed by the river of the same name that shapes the sandstone rocks creating gorgeous natural pools and small waterfalls that you can admire from the quaint stone bridges. It's now time to cycle uphill to reach the upper part of the village, where the privately-owned castle is. On the way back, you will cycle past the medieval village of Virgoletta, located on the ancient pilgrimage route Via Francigena, and Filetto, a square-shape hamlet protected by ancient walls.

  • Total length: 25 km
  • Difficulty: medium-easy

Cycling the Via Francigena from castle to castle

Castello di Tresana
Castello di Tresana - Credit: Castello Malaspina di Tresana

The Lunigiana was ruled throughout the Middle Ages by a feudal family called the Malaspina, who disseminated the valley with a hundred castles and fortifications. This itinerary runs along the right riverside of the Magra river, starting at Villafranca that was the main town of the Malaspina's fiefdom known as “Dry Thorn”, as opposed to the “Bloomed Thorn” ruling the territories located on the left riverside. Cycle as far as the Lusuolo Castle along the ancient pilgrimage route Via Francigena, before continuing towards Barbarasco.
This round trip itinerary will take you past Corneda, a typical “tunneled” hamlet. Once you get at the crossroads for Villa di Tresana you have two options: the shortest itinerary takes you past other two fascinating castles (Villa di Tresana and the 35 metre tall Tresana tower), the longest one, following the MTB-06 Porcola mtb trail, takes you at the border with the Liguria region where you can enjoy spanning views over the Gulf of the Poets.

  • Total length: option 1 is 35 km, option 2 is 45 km
  • Difficulty: medium-easy

Cycle across the Middle Ages in the Fivizzano valley

Castello di Verrucola
Castello di Verrucola - Credit: Lunigiana Marketing & Web

Starting from the e-bike centre located at the historic centre of Fivizzano, hidden gem of the Florentine Medici family, you will cycle across the Middle Ages past medieval villages and fascinating parish churches at the foot of the Apennines. Exit the fortified walls of the town and cycle as far as Pognana, a small characteristic parish church on the left riverside of the Rosaro River, from where you can enjoy splendid views over the Verrucola castle. The mtb trail (MTB 02 MOMMIO) continues uphill across the wood cycling on a mule track that will take you to the Vendaso parish church. These two parish churches were in the past important religious centres but they also ruled the Rosaro Valley and the strategic mountain passes leading to the Padana Plain. Continue towards Mommio, cycling across chestnut woods of the Apennines and the quaint villages of Po and Collegnago, before returning to Fivizzano.

  • Total length: 20 km
  • Difficulty: medium

Conquer the Logarghena meadows by Mtb

Bici a Filattiera
Bici a Filattiera - Credit: Matteo Dunchi per AOTL

This itinerary starts from the bike centre Pieve di Sorano in Filattiera, next to the Romanesque church of the same name, and takes you up to the Logarghena meadows at 1000 metres asl at the foot of the Apennines range. The perfect choice for keen Mtb enthusiasts. Starting from the Sorano Romanesque church, you will cycle a short part of the medieval pilgrimage route Via Francigena as far as the quaint village of Ponticello featuring medieval tower-houses. Following the Caprio river, you will reach the village of the same name before starting pedalling uphill towards Rocca Sigillina, another of the many medieval villages used in past times as stopover before the Apennine crossing. A bike tour across this region is like taking a step back in time, immersed in pristine nature. 
It's now time for the challenging part of the itinerary with an uphill gradient of 10%. Cycling across beautiful chestnut woods, you will conquer the Logarghena meadows where the view spans from the Apennines and Apuan Alps as far as the sea! In May, the meadows are absolutely stunning dotted with hundreds of white daffodils. After some well-deserved rest, you can start your way back down across the villages of Tarasco, Viceto, Canale, and back to Ponticello, ending at the starting point in Filattiera. The route features asphalted and dirt roads, connecting two itineraries (n°4 and 5 mapped by the local bike association Lunigiana X Bike).

  • Total Length: from 30-40 km according to the itinerary
  • Difficulty: strenuous

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