Lunigiana: a trip from the coast to castles and churches

From Carrara to Casola, from the beach to the Apuane Alps

From Carrara we go up towards Fosdinovo and once past the turnoff for Campocecina, take the one for Monzone and reaching Equi Terme. Once back in Monzone go towards Grangnola and then towards Codiponte, where the Romanesque church deserves a stop.
Upon entering it is impossible not to be taken in by the atmosphere that permeates the building: the interior, simple and severe, with three naves with columns topped with the original capitals, preserves the remains of an ancient baptistery, a baptismal font, and a triptych from the 15th century.

From Cadiponte we reach Casola rather quickly that welcomes us in the main piazza dominated by the cylindrical tower belonging to the defensive system. A walk through the old town, enables you to admire some beautiful 16th century buildings and the original gates from the city walls. In the city of Casola is miraculously survived the popular tradition of the “Canto del Maggio”, a form of traveling theatre, still performed each summer.

The landscape that we admire almost makes us forget that not long before we were near the sea, the town, in the Apuan foothills is a frequented spa area with a rich stream of radioactive sulphur waters and is also known for its prehistoric history in a grotto just outside the city center, that testify to the life during the Neanderthal period. There is also a wonderful and imposing underground river system, a new museum dedicated to the grotto and a reconstruction of the prehistoric environment.
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At the far end of Tuscany, the Lunigiana is a historic area located between Liguria and Tuscany, between the La Spezia and Massa-Carrara provinces, on the border with Garfagnana. ...
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