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Ludmilla Radchenko "Born to be Pop" in Lucca

I'm not Marylin, 2010Russian-born Ludmilla Radchenko (born 1978) came to Milan as a model, moved through the world of television, and five years ago decided to dedicate herself full time to her painting activities which have seen a certain amount of success, especially this year with exhibits in Milan, Rome, Senigallia, and Lucca. Now Lucca's contemporary art center hosts her works in their lounge and underground areas until November 10, 2010. The title of the exhibition is "Born to be Pop", refering to the style in which contemporary life and social archetypes are reinterpreted through colour and abstraction, becoming something else. Being "Pop" doesn't mean making paintings that look like Andy Warhol's, although Marilyn Monroe is the subject of one of her paintings hung in Lucca. (Do we really need another interpretation of Marilyn?) More truly contemporary is the way that Radchenko's style integrates elements of graffiti art as in "happy dog" below. Happy Dog
Portrait of the artist
Portrait of the artist
Ludmilla Radchenko "Born to be Pop" 18 settembre – 10 novembre 2010 Lu.C.C.A. Lounge e Underground - these spaces of the museum are FREE to enter via della Fratta, 36 – Lucca Ilove NYC, 2010