Lucca Festivals 2010

Lucca Comics

"Lucca Comics and Games 2010" is the most important Festival dedicated to comics and game in Europe. Its first edition was in 1966 and last year's edition attracted more than 140,000 visitors. One of the coolest part of this festival is that partecipants take part at the festival in costume, so now imagine the magical surronding of the Lucca historical center invaded by superheros, comics celebrities and masks posing around the city! Amazing isn't it? Check out this slide show of the Festival Flickr group:
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This year the Festival will be held from the 29th October until the 1st November 2010. The price of the tickets are 12 euros for a full ticket and 10 euros for a reduced one. The exposition area opens from the 9 am to 7pm and it's located in Palazzo Ducale in Via Francesco Carrara, 1. [youtube][/youtube] There's also a Comics day organized in all Italy, the first edition took place this year the 21th May 2010. For information about next year's edition check out the official and really cool web site

Lucca Animation

Lucca Animation is a competitive festival. Each year, the international competition will exhibit the best productions from all over the world and will give us the opportunity to reflect on the current state of this art form. The International Competition 2010 has been posponed, and will be held from October 29th to November 1st 2010. [youtube][/youtube] This is the official flickr channel of Lucca Animation.

Cartasia 2010

Cartasia 2010, Biennial of Contemporary Art takes place in Lucca from June 19 to July 18, 2010. The main theme for this fifth edition is "Play Green Creativity": fun, ecology and creativity interlinked through the artistic use of paper. The event focuses on recycling and sustainable development. The open air exhibit, opening on June 19, will feature artists selected from the competition Cartasia 2010, by a jury panel. Besides the en plein air exhibition, many other contemporary art happenings: vernissages, literary meetings, theatre workshops and performances. The opening of this year's edition started June the 19th at La Cavallerizza (Piazzale Verdi, Lucca). [youtube][/youtube]

Lucca Film Festival

The Lucca Film Festival takes quality, diversity and conviviality as its leading principles. Presenting only films that meet the highest aesthetic standards, it aims to offer at the same time a full panorama of all the different forms of cinematic writing that exist - a festival of all kinds of cinema, so to speak, where a wide rande of fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and underground prorammes allow both the fantastic and realist, the socio-political as well as the escapist voices in cinema come to be heard. This year's Festival is the 6th edition that will take place from the 4th until the 9th October 2010 at the San Girolamo Theater and the Central Cinema. The Festival will include seminars, meetings, debates with important national and international guests and expositions and some rare premiere projections. Here is the official web site, check it out in the following weeks to find more up to date information. This is the promotional video of last year's Festival. [youtube][/youtube] [geo_mashup_map]