Enter a renowned workshop in Cortona and learn more about gold manufacturing in Arezzo and surroundings

Living a gold passion in Arezzo and environs

Flavia Cori byFlavia Cori

The Arezzo area is one of the world capitals of gold: there are about 1,100 companies dedicated to this old craft. The goldsmiths of Arezzo, in fact, spread between the 14th and the 15th centuries with the sacred works manufacturing, but actually the tradition of working gold here has even more ancient origins.

The Etruscans worked it implementing some techniques which are still used in the workshops. During a Play Your Tuscany blog tour, while in Cortona, we visited the Del Brenna studio, where three generations handed down the same passion. At Del Brenna it's possible to meet artisans, interact with them and see the techniques and processes involved in making jewelry.

Heel or sculpture? Jewel sandals from Del Brenna jewellery in Cortona

Everything starts thanks to the bees that give us the wax used to sculpt an art work. In fact, Lucio, our goldsmith master, taught us that the first step to make a jewel is to create a detailed wax model.

Working slowly, our shape emerged from the wax. Above the wax model a clay mold is created. Two holes are made on the mold, one on top and one on the bottom, to let out the wax by heating. The molten metal is put inside the mold creating a model identical to the wax's shape.

Wax models and goldsmith tools from the Del Brenna jewellery in Cortona

If you visit Arezzo don't miss the charm of its goldsmith's passion. Here are some useful links for you: International gold, silver and jewlery trade exhibition and Craftmanship itinerary in Arezzo.

Last but not least, have a look at the video below by We Make Them Wonder and enter the Del Brenna study together with us!