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L'Eroica running

Do you remember when we told you about L'Eroica, Tuscany's retro bike race? It was held in the Chianti area on Sunday October 6, but this is not the topic of this post. Let’s talk about its little sister: L’Eroica running! Seeing that L'Eroica was a great success, the organization board decided to promote the preservation of the Tuscan gravel roads (that is the original aim of L'Eroica retro bike race) also with a side event dedicated to running lovers.
[Photo Credits: Antonio Capasso]
[Photo Credits: Antonio Capasso]
From this year, then, the formula provides both routes suitable for competitive (Marathon and Ultra Marathon) and non-competitive people (Nordic walking with chopsticks). These dirty roads are perfect for sports and gastronomy fans. The fourth edition of L'Eroica running will take place in Gaiole in Chianti on November 3rd. The meeting point for all members is scheduled for Sunday, November 3rd at 7am at the Ex Cantine Ricasoli in Gaiole in Chianti.
[Photo Credits: Antonio Capasso]
[Photo Credits: Antonio Capasso]
You can choose among different paths, divided into competitive and non-competitive. Within the competitive paths:
  • 65 kilometers
  • 42, 195 kilometers
  • 21+21 kilometers (Duplex)
For those who have completed the route of 205 km at L'Eroica of October 6:
  • Combo Marathon (205 kilometers with bicycle + Marathon)
  • Combo Extreme (205 kilometers with bicycle + Ultra Marathon)
Within the non-competitive paths:
  • 6 kilometers
  • 12 kilometers
  • 10 kilometers (7 on gravel roads) for Nordic Walking
There will be special prizes for those who will complete the Combo Marathon and the Combo Extreme. There will be also special prizes for the "Superhero" Trophy, attributed to all those who complete the Combo and the Eroicax36h.
[Photo Credits: Antonio Capasso]
[Photo Credits: Antonio Capasso]
Registrations Until October 6 the contribution was €30; from October 7 to October 27 it is €35. Registrations on Saturday and on Sunday before the race are not accepted. The registration fee includes the "Heroes dinner" on Saturday, November 2nd, the race pack, assistance, refreshments, a pasta-party at the end. For more information Tel. +39 334/9380512 Fax +39 0577/1602062 Email iscrizioni@eroica.it Read also: L'Eroica running - first edition Official Website