Jazz Lovers

If you love jazz and you're near Florence, we have some advice for you! In the coming months there will be plenty of events not to be missed, scheduled ;) Paolo Fresu (ii) 15th march: Mirco Mariottini, Antonio Corsaro, Nicola Vernuccio, Cosimo Marchese 16th march: Nicola Fazzini Quartet 16th march: Almond Tree Quartet 17th march: Nicholas Payton 17th march: Paolo Botti Quartet 19th march: Monday Jazz Trio 21th march: Paolo Fresu and Daniele Di Bonaventura 23th march: Simone Graziano Group feat Dave Binney & Chris Speed 24th march: Gianluca Petrella and Giovanni Guidi 28th march: Bernardo Sacconi Trio 29th march: Cris Pacini, Simone Marrucci, Stefano Allegra, Cosimo Marchese 31th march: Alessandro Fabbri 31th march: Small Big Band DSC_0403 IMG_1257 1st april: Jam Session 2nd april: Matteo Alfonso & Lorenzo Conte 7th april: Tre, ai confini della musica brasiliana 8th april: Patrizia Laquidara Duo 13th april: Alan Farrington - No smoking Quartet 14th april: Riccardo Fassi - Italian Movie 5Tet 20th april: Maurizio Bestetti - Best Blues Trio 27th april: Mat Trio 28th april: Chiara Canzian Duo payton singing 4th may: Silverville - Tribute to A Horace Silver 5th may: The King Laurin - R&B/ Pop Band Patrizia Laquidara Debora Petrina e Patrizia Laquidara “If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know.” Louis Armstrong   And by the way, tell us your favorite artists, we'd love to know