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"It is, it isn't": Tony Cragg’s contemporary sculptures in Lucca

  If you are an expert or are interested in contemporary sculpture, you can’t miss Tony Cragg’s exhibition in Lucca, on air until September 10, 2011. Tony Cragg Tony Cragg is one of the most authoritative contemporary artists and his operas are displayed in Paris, too, in the Louvre, but until September 10 you’ll have the unique possibility to see them in Lucca, inside the San Cristoforo church, in the famous Anfiteatro square. “The future of sculpting has just begun. Its potentials has never been so many, this is just the beginning. Sculpture’s language and shapes are now starting to evolve” this is what you could hear form Cragg’s mouth. Tony’s peculiarity is “layer”: his sculptures develop vertically, layer after layer, surfaces and borders define each other simultaneously, making volumes and surfaces shaping together. A lot of his works of art are figurative, they remind you of faces and bodies, but many others has a geologic shape, they remind us of rocks or with something archaeological. For further information about “It is, it isn’t” exhibition of Cragg’s sculptures in Lucca, visit the Tourism in Tuscany web site.

INFO Tony Cragg, "IT IS, IT ISN'T" Lucca, Chiesa di San Cristoforo, Piazza Anfiteatro June 26 – September 10 2011 Tel. +39 0583 957660 info@artscristoforolucca.com Tony Cragg Tony Cragg