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Is Tuscany in Florence?

If this sentence sounds weird to you don’t panic! It’s a bit funny for us too, but it’s one of the most searched keywords on our blog… so maybe it’s time to study a little bit of geography together! Let’s start from the beginning:
  • Florence is the biggest city in Tuscany, and its chief town
  • Tuscany is one of the regions of Italy
  • Italy is a country in Europe
  • Europe is a continent in the World!
Ok? Ok, let’s take this for granted and let’s go further.
Florence seen from Piazzale Michelangelo [Photo Credits: Yagan Kiely]
Florence seen from Piazzale Michelangelo [Photo Credits: Yagan Kiely]
Maybe you were looking for “Is Florence in Tuscany?” and this makes sense: you are in a region of Italy and you want to discover a city in it. Correct. But many of you googled “is Tuscany in Florence?” so we’re here to fix this. Have a look at point one of this post.
Florence [Photo Credits: Ben Rimmer]
Florence [Photo Credits: Ben Rimmer]
In general, people come to Tuscany by plane, so the arriving point can be either Pisa or Florence, where you can find the two biggest airports of Tuscany. Or maybe you’re arriving from another Italian city and you need information about trains, buses and public transportation to get to Tuscany. Here is a series of post that can help you organize your arrival: - Florence airport: all the info you need to know - From Florence airport to Florence city centre - From Pisa airport to Pisa train station - Cheap flights to Tuscany - How to reach Florence from Pisa airport - From Pisa to Florence by fast train - Public transportation in Tuscany - How to reach Tuscany from Rome, Naples, Milan and Venice For any doubt please contact us!