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Shopping in toscana

In Tuscany shopping’s the name of the game

Discovering ‘Made in Tuscany’ Excellence

Tuscany is a top spot if you are looking for places to appreciate ‘Made in Italy’ masterpieces. Creativity, know-how and excellent raw materials are three fundamental ingredients for creating Tuscan excellence. Add the region’s multi-century tradition of quality craftsmanship and you’re got yourself a great place to shop.

From shopping tours and farm house excursions, to wine-sampling tours and a visit to the region’s best ateliers, you can stroll through artisan workshops where innovation and time-tested tradition blend together to create prestigious products that are envied throughout the world.

Tuscany has always been a top-notch choice for celebrities looking for great food, stunning landscape and a truly exclusive feel. If you want to sample some of the stars faves then make sure to try Badiani’s ice-cream, where Paul McCartney enjoys quality desserts. Or try the home-style dishes that deeply impressed music legends like Elton John and Bruce Springsteen.

If you want to let your creative juices flow, why not learn a craft from a local master, following the example of Daniel Day Lewis. Whether you chose to shop at traditional town-square markets or browse around the territory’s myriad luxury boutiques, shopping in Tuscany is the name of the game.