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How to win a ticket for #EXPO2015

EXPO 2015 will be held in Milan from May to October and the inauguration is just around the corner! The Region of Tuscany will be the first protagonist of the Italian Pavilion: from May 1st to 28 you'll feel the Tuscan atmosphere in the "Cardo north-west" area and after that Tuscany will be in the city centre with events, exhibitions and cooking shows until the end of EXPO 2015, in October. In anticipation of this great event there are many initiatives going on in every Tuscan cities and even an Instagram Contest is about to start!
The Italian Pavilion
The Italian Pavilion

What's your idea of the Tuscan lifestyle? Share it on Instagram!

From April 7 to 20, 2015, the Instagram contest "Tuscany: land of good living" takes place. To participate, entrants must have an Instagram® account that is open to the public (an account where anyone can subscribe to follow your stream). The goal is to capture the essence of the Tuscan lifestyle, with no limits to creativity: from landscapes to local food, from typical events to faces. Ask yourself what gestures, smells, tastes, facial expressions, landscapes and everyday scenes are the soul of Tuscany and then share your picture(s) on Instagram! You can share all the pictures you want, but to participate you have to include in each photo: • an evocative caption • the hashtags #EXPOTuscany and #IgersToscana • the tag @VisitTuscany This Instagram contest is in collaboration with IgersToscana and IgersItalia, two strong local communities connecting people who love Italy, Tuscany, photography and Instagram®. Instacontest-ToscanaExpo2015-1000x1000-ENG

The prizes of the "Tuscany: land of good living" Instacontest

Tuscany will host three winners at the Expo! The committee will choose three photos and announce the winners on April 27, 2015. The prize offered includes: • A single ticket for EXPO Milano 2015Return journey (within Italy) to reach Milan via public transport (train or bus) The prize must be used by May 28, 2015. If you don't live in Italy, you have to pay your journey till an arrival point in Italy. Read the Terms & Conditions here. What are you waiting for? Start to capture your "Tuscany: land of good living".