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Hiking on the Etruscan Coast

An itinerary which takes you through necropoli, parks and breathtaking views

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If you love nature and discovering new places, then the Costa degli Etruschi is the place for you. Lose yourself in this stunning landscape, becoming one with the earth, air and sea. Itineraries are available for all levels of hikers, including families with young children.

Each path offers a new experience: climb to the top of the Piombino Promontory and you'll feel like the king of the sea, or let the muses inspire you on a walk through the same landscapes that inspired the poems of Giosuè Carducci—these are just a few of the treasures you'll find along this coast.

The diverse flora and fauna of the nature reserves, tiny Medieval villages, stunning coasts and the vestiges of the civilization which defined this area, the Etruscans.

If you want a full vacation, bursting with beauty, culture, nature and entertainment then the Costa degli Etruschi is the perfect, unforgettable solution.

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Costa degli Etruschi
The Costa degli Etruschi is a coastline carved by the intensity of nature and the strength of its colours, beautiful beaches and a thousand-year history. ...
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