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Hiking and biking in the Valle dell'Ombrone

Pleasant paths through historic centres and nature reserves

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Woods and rivers, historic towns and isolated monuments make this valley worthy of a visit. The most interesting areas from an environmental point of view are the Nature Reserves at Farma and Basso Merse on the border between the provinces of Grosseto and Siena, which includes oak forests and a luxuriant Mediterranean brush.

The landscape on the two banks of the Ombrone is gentler and alternates between fields, woods and rows of cypresses, which are reminiscent of the nearby Val d'Orcia. A thick Mediterranean brush covers the hills of Sticciano, Batignano and Roselle facing the Grosseto plain.

Among the numerous historic towns that deserve a visit are Casal di Pari, Pari, Civitella Marittima, Paganico, Campagnatico, Sasso d'Ombrone, Batignano and Sticciano. The Etruscan and Roman city of Roselle is one of the most important in Tuscany.

From the Terme di Petriolo you can set off along the hiking paths of the province of Siena; from Belagaio castle you can take the paths of Trekking Roccastrada; and from Cinigiano and Castiglioncello Bandini the itineraries in the Amiata.

From Paganico to Campagnatico
Horse and bike trail - 8 km
To the right of the Ombrone, this itinerary on gravel roads leads from the medieval walls of Paganico to the village of Campagnatico.

From Casal di Pari to Castello del Belagaio
Horse, bike and foot trail - 9 km
A pleasant trail that follows 2km of asphalt road before it becomes gravel. From Casal di Pari it heads west and hugs Poggio dei Leccioni and Poggio al Perello before entering the Nature Reserve at Farma. The trail descends before arriving at Belagaio castle, connecting to two Trekking Roccastrada itineraries.

From Casal di Pari to Pari and the Terme di Petriolo  
Horse, bike and foot trail - 9 km
A half-circle itinerary towards the Merse Valley that begins at Casal di Pari, passing the historic centre of Pari and ending at the Terme di Petriolo which still has some of its 15th century walls. You can continue along paths of the province of Siena towards Monticiano, Montalcino and Buonconvento.

From Pari to Monte Antico
Horse, bike and foot trail - 11 km
The itinerary develops on a hilly path until Poggio di Nanni then descends into the countryside on the right of the Ombrone River and follows its course as far as the church and castle of Monte Antico. It is possible to complete a 3.5km ring around the hill of Monte Antico.

From Batignano to Sticciano
Horse, bike and foot trail - 10 km
A lovely itinerary along the hills between the Valle dell'Ombrone and the Valle della Bruna. Once you arrive at the convent you head down towards the Fosso Michelaccio, then rise up again towards Poggio Valdidonna and Sticciano.
From Sticciano to Montorsaio   
Horse, bike and foot trail - 9 km
Similar yet more solitary than the previous itinerary, this trail crosses woods and Mediterranean brush at the feet of the Poggio Leoni and arrives at the gravel road and Montorsaio. From an intersection you can head right arriving at Batignano in 3.5km.

From Paganico to Montorsaio
Bike trail - 9 km
A smooth road through woods and fields, asphalted up to a large quarry and then gravel, which allows you to ascend to the banks of the Ombrone and the panoramic village of Montorsaio.

From Sasso d'Ombrone to Monte Cucco    
Horse, bike and foot trail - 12 km
A pleasant itinerary along the hills on the left of the Ombrone River which passes Poggi, continues halfway up the slope to the village of Monte Cucco. You can finish the excursion with a ring of 3.5km south of Monte Cucco.

The Cinigiano and Castiglioncello Bandini ring
Horse, bike and foot trail - 21 km
A long ring mostly along a gravel road, along the hills at the foot of the western side of Monte Amiata. It heads north towards Porrone and Poggio Campi Bui, then thurns south on a large crest crossing the road from Cinigiano to Monticello Amiata. On the return the path crosses the valley of the Melacce River.

The paths of Monticello Amiata
Horse, bike and foot trail - 14 km
Various itineraries offer an opportunity to explore the hills at the feet of the western side of Mount Amiata. Choose between a ring north of the town (3.5km), a path that crosses the valley of the Zancono River to arrive at Montelaterone (3.5km), and one that circles Poggio Materaio and arrives at Salaiola (7km).