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Grape Festival in Capoliveri, Elba

Trionfo di Bacco 2010 bassa defI have been invited by Robi Veltroni (check out this super-rich social 2.0. profile) to spend three days in Capoliveri, a tiny town in Elba. I gladly accepted and will keep you tuned on all the great things that will happen in occasion of the 15th Grape Festival! Elba brought me lots of luck with its octopus and I also remember some great summer nights spent on the Island, so I really  look forward to returning to Elba! Just to let you get the feel I created a gallery on Capoliveri and foodie-winey items! When: October 1st-3rd 2010 What: 15th Edition - Grape Festival Where: Capoliveri, Elba Island This event, dedicated to the celebration of the God Bacchus, has reached it's fifteenth edition,  it is however deeply rooted in the past. Since antiquity wine has been a fundamental part of Elba's daily life, more generally in the Mediterranean where it has  always had a strong cultural, economic and social value. For three days, events for adults and children alike have been scheduled.  Tastings, theme games and brief talks on vine growing for  experts, never forgetting the main focus - the challange launched by the four rioni or neighborhoods: Baluardo, Fortezza, Fosso and Torre each one with their  living choreography. The challenge consists in recreating the most atmospheric setting with the theme of the harvest in the old days  along the streets, small piazzas and characteristic alleys in the heart of Capoliveri's historical centre. Each year different living paintings (take a closer look at this posts pic) with scenes from daily life settings, secretely studied in great advance by the heads of each rione and the participants who create astonishing costumes, can be admired. Every detail is studied in great depth as famous or less important  historical events are recreated and enacted according to the sensibility or irony of the actors.

This year's edition: The Program

Day 1

  • 9 pm races amongst the four rioni: grape pressing, bunch of grapes challenge, barrel race. Followed by wine and local product tasting.

Day 2

  • 6 pm in Capoliveri's municipal Council Hall a conference will be held: "wine:food and health". 18.30 h  Holy Mass for the blessing of the  coat of arms of the four Rioni in the Church of Santa Maria dell'Assunta.
  • 6:30 pm   Music & Dancing in the Piazza.
  • 7 pm assigning of the "Bacchus Trophy" along with the best " Slow Food Dish Isola d'Elba" price.
  • 7:30 pm Bacchus is brought in the heart of the winning Rione. The party carries on amidst musi and dancing.

Day 3

  • 10 am Baccus leaves the Fosso and reaches Piazza Matteotti.
  • 2 pm  the Rioni parade into the Piazza.
  • 4:30 the Rioni open with music and dancing in the Piazza.