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"Galileo Chini and Tuscany" Liberty style exhibit in Viareggio

11 Bozzetto per pann#1CE2F9An exhibit in Viareggio from July 10 to December 5 2010 is dedicated to Galileo Chini (1873 – 1956), one of the most important exponents of the Liberty Style in Tuscany (also known as Art Nouveau). The location of the exhibit is the Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Lorenzo Viani in Viareggio, a fitting city as much of it is designed in that style from the turn of the century. Chini was a painter, ceramicist, graphic artist and set designer who mixed genius with artistic production, art with artisanship. He helped revive the tradition of renaissance artisans in modern Tuscany at the beginning of the twentieth century. The exhibit intends to highlight the rapport between Galileo Chini and Tuscan tradition through the works on display, from painting and ceramics to preparatory drawings and "affiches" or posters.1 PaesaggioAutunnale#1CE371 It's interesting that while what I generally think of as Liberty is a rather stylized, florid rendering of reality, this exploration of Chini's work demonstrates the artist's ability to render realistic landscapes - luminous, nostalgic paintings of the Florentine landscape and the Versilia. The stylistic difference between these paintings and the decorative ceramics, both for architecture and for domestic use, is in fact the hallmark of a great artist who is able to adapt to function and medium. 3 PannelloEtruria bassa14 Villette in pineta bassa

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