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FuoriExpo, taste Tuscany in Milan

What: things to do in Milan (FuoriEXPO - outside expo events) When: from Tuesday to Sunday, till November 2, 2015 Where: Chiostro dell’Umanitaria, Via Daverio 7 - 20122 Milan Nearest subway stop: Crocetta (on the yellow line M3)

In May 2015 Tuscany has been on showcase in the Italian pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, but it is possible to have a taste of the bella vita in Milan until November 2 thanks to the "FuoriEXPO events"! These events are really cool because:

  1. they are held in one of the greenest places in Milan and the location is really easy to reach;
  2. they are perfect to taste the "under the Tuscan sun" lifestyle;
  3. last, but not least, the entrance is FREE!
The entrance gate at Fuoriexpo The events take place at the Chiostri dell’Umanitaria, a beautiful space just 1.5 km from Milan’s Cathedral Square: Each week is dedicated to a different area or city of Tuscany. There are tastings, meetings and shows every day, from Tuesday to Sunday. Reservations are not required and the admission is absolutely free. Here is a short list of the best FuoriExpo Tuscan events in Milan held in August and September:

From August 11 to August 17 - "The treasures of the Nature Parks of Tuscany"

A journey through biodiversity, history, traditions and food culture of the territories of the three regional parks of Tuscany: the Migliarino San Rossore; the Apuan Alps Park; Park of Maremma. TUESDAY, AUGUST 11 At  6:30 pm - Tasting of various breads from the Apuan Alps (with barley, potatoes, "formenton otto file" sweet corn, chestnuts) accompanied by local meats and cheeses. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12 At  6:30 pm - Tasting jams, preserves and cheeses by "Maestà Della Formica" farm. SATURDAY, AUGUST 15 At  9 pm - "Stories of Maremma". Ancient poems sung by a chorus of five women. Presentation of the audio book made by Sister Vocal and narrated by Arnoldo Foa for the 40th anniversary of the Maremma Park. SUNDAY, AUGUST 16 At  8:30 pm - Tasting of products of "fishermen of Orbetello". Fuori Expo Tuscany

From August 18 to August 24 - "Historical Houses Association"

The Historical Houses Association will give you the opportunity to experience the life of great personalities (writers, artists, musicians, scientists) through aspects of their daily lives, such as food and traditional dishes, witnessed by residences where they spent their lives today house museum open to the public. This association brings together the homes of some of the most important figures of Italian and Tuscan culture: Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Giotto, Niccolo Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci, Agnolo Firenzuola, Pontormo, Benvenuto Cellini; but also great personalities of the nineteenth and twentieth century such as Giosuè Carducci, Giovanni Pascoli, John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and many others. TUESDAY, AUGUST 18 At 7.30 pm - Wine bar area, cocktail and tastings from the olive oil road of Monti Pisani and the wine route of the Pisan Hills. At 8 pm - Cooking show: the dinner of Pinocchio, chef Checco Bugiani (Locanda del Capitano, Pistoia). WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19 At 12 pm & 7 pm - Wine bar area, cocktail and tastings from the olive oil road of Monti Pisani and the Wine Route of the Pisan Hills. At 1 pm - Tasting of products from the territory of Pistoia. At 4 pm - Themed snack: buttered bread rolls, the snack of Pinocchio. THURSDAY, AUGUST 20 At 12 pm & 7 pm - Wine bar area, cocktail and tastings from the wine road of the Vernaccia from San Gimignano. At 4 pm - Themed snack: bread, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. At 8 pm - Cooking show: Sorana beans tasting by the Consortium of Fagiolo di Sorana FRIDAY, AUGUST 21 At 12 pm & 7 pm - Wine bar area, cocktail and tastings from Marradi chestnut trail and the PGI chestnut producers consortium. At 8 pm - Cooking show: the favorite recipes of the poet Carducci. Tasting of Strangolapreti carducciani pasta, Clay Pot Baked Chicken, and "fricandò del Carducci" (casserole). At 9.15 pm - Concert by Musicalia Museum from Cesena. SATURDAY, AUGUST 22 At 12 pm & 7 pm - Wine bar area, cocktail and tastings by the wine route of Val d'Orcia. At 4 pm - Themed snacks: bread, wine and sugar. At 9.15 pm - Classical concert: tribute to Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924) by the Centro Studi Musicali Ferruccio Busoni, Empoli. SUNDAY, AUGUST 23 At 12 pm & 7 pm - Wine bar area, cocktail and tastings from the wine route of the Etruscan Coast. At 4 pm - Themed snacks: bread and cheese. At 9.15 pm - Classical concert: Gregorio Nardi, piano. Compositions of Beethoven Moscheles Casamorata, Liszt. FuoriExpo Tuscany

From August 25 to August 30 - Montecatini Terme and the Valdinievole Valley, from Leonardo to Pinocchio

Valdinievole valley has much to offer: castles of the Middle Ages, Art Nouveau residences, historical battles, marshes. In Milan you can participate in wine tasting and history, tourism and future conferences. There will be a party made up of international show-cooking, workshops on local product and DOCG, commercial initiatives and appetizers with Tuscan flavors. Montecatini Terme and Grotta Giusti of Monsummano will present the properties of its thermal waters. Every day:
  • From 7 pm: special price for the Valdinievole aperitif with local wines, cold cuts and local products. Slow Food and vegan options are available.
TUESDAY, AUGUST 25 At 5 pm "The European Road of Fairy Tales" A dream of Europe WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26 From 10 am to 12 am - The Production Excellences of our land At 12 pm - Vegetables of the Valley: quality in production, quality in conserving by Ortofrutta Marraccini and F.lli Polli. At 6 pm - Sound minds, unsalted bread. Typical dishes cooked with peculiar vegetables and unsalted bread of this area by Ortofrutta Marraccini THURSDAY, AUGUST 27 At 10 am - INTERNATIONAL BTS (Borsa del Turismo Sportivo), the most important Exchange event within Europe dedicated to Sport, Active and Wellness Tourism. At 12.30 pm - The “ MIGLIACCIO” from PISTOIA. Show cooking about the culinary tradition from Pistoia by Confindustria Pistoia Turismo in collaboration with Toscana Catering. FRIDAY, AUGUST 28 From 10 am to 12 am - The Kids Friendly Tourism - Cultural Itineraries and events for Family travelling with kids. At 11 am - TUSCANY & PINOCCHIO 19 Itineraries throughout Tuscany with the Famous Pinocchio. At 12:30 pm - Show Cooking: traditional dishes from Pistoia, "The Carcerato soup and the Chestnut", organized by Confindustria Pistoia Tourism with Toscana Catering. At 7 pm - Cooking Show and tasting: "The Sorana bean", cooked "al fiasco" (a kind of flask). This is the most important Slow food product of this area and is cooked following the centuries-old tradition. SATURDAY, AUGUST 29 From 10 am to 12 am - SPAS: Springs & Wellness from Leonardo to Pinocchio - Terme di Montecatini and Grotta Giusti natural SPAS. At 5 pm - Cooking show and tasting: the local "Cialda di Montecatini" biscuit by Bargilli. At 9 pm - MISFF66 : The Values and heritage of a Community. The International Short Film Festival of Montecatini Terme, 62th Edition. SUNDAY, AUGUST 30 At 11 am - VEGAN WINE TASTING: FATTORIA CASABIANCA, a pure Vegan chianti wine production, by Fattoria Casabianca. At 6 pm - MEET LUCA NATALINI, THE WORLD FAMOUS TATTOOIST FROM Montecatini Terme. Marble Sculpture FuoriExpo Tuscany

From September 1st to September 7 - Be Tuscan for a day, from the Via Francigena to the "Via del Sale" (salt road)

During this week you'll taste food, the culture and the art made in Volterra and Valdelsa area. The landscape of central Tuscany is marked by two important routes: the Via Francigena and the Volterrana, which have a strategic value for the region. This week will feature the towns located in the Valdelsa valley: Casole d'Elsa, Colle di Val d'Elsa, Monteriggioni, Poggibonsi, Radicondoli, San Gimignano and Volterra. Every day:
  • From 6 pm to 11 pm: tasting of local wines and local products by  "The Salotto Colle di Val d'Elsa" wine bar and "Biottega Dei Sapori Francigena Monteriggioni" organic shop.
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 At 8 pm cooking show by Il Frantoio Restaurant Colle di Val d'Elsa tasting finger food WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 At 6 pm "Toscana '900 and art trails", a project devoted to the art of the twentieth century in Tuscany (with the support of the Tuscany Region and Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze) At 8 pm "Kitchen 1900s": Porcignano Farm from Radicondoli presents a series of typical Tuscan dishes from the twentieth century. From 6 pm to 8 pm Futurist Aperitif by La Rocca Staggia Foundation THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 At 7 pm "wine and crystal": wine tasting with local wines led by Luca Gardini, Sommelier World Champion 2010 in collaboration with RCR Cristalleria Italiana. At 9 pm tasting Eggnog gelato made with Vin Santo by the Gelateria Dondoli from San Gimignano. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 From 11 am to 1 pm cooking show with products from the organic district of San Gimignano by Sabrina Fattorini, Food Blogger "Architettando in cucina". From 11.30 am to 2 pm tasting "Santa Fina cream" gelato by the Gelateria Dondoli from San Gimignano. from 6 pm to 8 pm cooking show with fresh and homemade pasta Pastificio Arte Pasta Senese – Pasta Belverde from Monteriggioni in collaboration with Sabrina Fattorini, Food Blogger "Architettando in cucina". SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 From 6 pm to 8 pm "Living the Francigena", events, experiences and activities with the participation of the Via Francigena Toscana Association and the Via Francigena European Association. At 8 pm "Dinner between the year 1000 and the present day": tasting of traditional dishes prepared by the Bar dell'Orso from Monteriggioni. Food-wine-tasting-fuoriexpo-Tuscany

From September 8 to September 13 - A journey in Valdera, discover the heart of Tuscany

Every day: There will be historical models of Vespa on display with the participation of the Vespa Club! From 11 am to 11 pm - Taste the finest foods and wines of Valdera. At 8 pm: Aperitif with local products. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 At 9.15 pm: Presentation of the promotional video of Tommaso Cavallini with Paola Tata and Live acoustic Lorenzo Niccolini At 9.45 pm: The Brothers in Law in concert with Paola Bivona from The Voice show - Italian Edition. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 From 6 pm to 11 pm "Valdera Fashion", presentation of fashion projects developed through the synergy between the companies located in the Valdera area. From the shirts that interpret the food to the clothing inspired by robotics; trends and new materials from Tuscany. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 At 9.45 pm: "Memory Night. A trip on a Vespa through Milan, Rome and Palermo", a short film by Corrado Fortuna based on the visual project by Paolo Belletti with lyrics by Giulia Cavaliere. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 At 9.45 pm: Dixie Band in concert, the music of the 40s and 50s that have accompanied the birth of the Vespa. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 At 9.15 pm: the Opera in Tuscany. Arias from the works by Mascagni, Puccini and Catalani. Recital Soprano: Maria Cioppi - Piano: Maestro Alessandro Lanini. showcooking tuscany FuoriExpo events

From September 15 to September 21 - Camping and motorhome tourism in Tuscany

This is the best week to discover the authentic and less known Tuscany. Conferences, exhibitions, wine, culture, local dishes, traditions are organized to show the outdoor tourism. Every day the different cities will present their itinerary and over the weekend there will be a gathering of campers in Milan. The week is connected with the Caravan Fair in Parma. Details coming soon! reenactment-fuoriexpo-tuscany

From September 22 to September 28 - Empoli and Valdera

During this week there will be: Via Francigena between Florence and Siena; Tuscany Agribusiness; places of the soul of Leonardo (Leonardo Museum and his birthplace, the Medici Villa of Cerreto Guidi and scientific and technological excellences nowadays); Tuscany and Fashion (Empoli Valdelsa production). The garden will be the stage for shows and tastings. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 At 5 pm and 6 pm Show Cooking: Chef Marco Nebbiai interprets Certaldo onions, known since the time of Boccaccio, preparing two traditional dishes. At 7.30 pm "Cipolle Awards", tasting the onion soup that won the local competition in 2015 and a classic dish of the area "The Francesina". WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 At 1.30 pm medieval re-enactment with the musicians, flag throwers and parade from the Palio di Fucecchio. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 From 3 pm to 7 pm workshops and demonstrations: how to work with clay and pottery decoration for children 0/99 years by the Museum and the School of Ceramics of Montelupo Fiorentino. At 5 pm and 6 pm cooking show "The richness of the cuisine of the Medici": truffle recipes and fine cuisine by Stefano Pinciaroli of PS Restaurant in Cerreto Guidi. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 From 10 am to 1 pm workshops and demonstrations: how to work with clay and pottery decoration by the Museum and the School of Ceramics of Montelupo Fiorentino. At 3 pm  tasting Montalbano extra virgin olive oil IGP. By Oleificio Montalbano in Vinci SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 From 10.30 am to 3 pm workshops "The look of Leonardo": experience for children and families to take the role of Leonardo, artist, scientist and inventor. Edited by Leonardo da Vinci museum. 11am presentation of the best products from the land of Leonardo, by the "Producers from the Chianti hills of Montespertoli" Association. At 12.30 pm tasting products from the garden of Leonardo Da Vinci by the "Producers from the Chianti hills of Montespertoli" Association. At 4 pm "Virtual Leonardo": meet Leonardo hologram thanks to Leonardo Museum and Studio Art Media, Florence. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 At 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm food tasting from Chianti From 3 pm show "peasant traditions of the early twentieth century" - Reenactment by the "Gruppo Novecento" Montespertoli cheeses fuoriexpo tuscany


Are you planning to visit Expo Milano 2015? Tell us if you'll pay a visit to the Tuscan oasis in the heart of Milan!