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Exploring the Versilia

From the sea to the Apuan Alps

Nestled between the sea and the Apuan Alps, the Versilia is a unique territory made up of seven municipalities that offer the chance to discover noteworthy local traditions and wonderful itineraries for nature enthusiasts and culture hunters alike.

Viareggio, the famed Carnival hot-spot, is much more than just the sea and confetti-filled festivities. Take a stroll through town and stop in at some of the historic cafes, like Caffè Margherita, or take a long bike ride through the beautiful pine woods, exploring the Liberty-style houses that dot the city.

Make a stop at Torre del Lago, on the banks of Lake Massaciuccoli. Much-loved by Giacomo Puccini, who composed some of his most famous works here, the town plays host to the world-renowned Puccini Festival. Music lovers won’t want to miss a trip to the great master’s house museum, followed by an evening of performances at the open-air theatre if you’re around in the summer season.

Lake Massaciuccoli in Massarosa
Lake Massaciuccoli in Massarosa - Credit: Fabrizio Angius

Seravezza, Massarosa and Stazzema prove ideal destinations for nature lovers. Enjoy the beauties of Massarosa’s LIPU Oasiswhere you can walk above the lake waters on wooden boardwalks. In the Upper Versilia, passionate bikers can enjoy mountain itineraries and take a time-out to sample local delicacies like tordelli, pasta filled with meat and topped with a ragù sauce. 

Moving towards the sea, you’ll find Pietrasanta, a quaint town packed with artisan workshops specialized in marble, ironworking and painting. Full of monumental treasures, the centre’s famous piazza del Duomo is home to the Cathedral of San Martino, the Baptistery, the town’s unusual clock tower and the library that was once an Augustinian convent. 

The chic Forte dei Marmi is ideal for those who want a luxury vacation, making the most of the dolce vita. Filled with aristocratic villas, VIPs worldwide chose this town year-round for their holidays. Packed with chic nightclubs, like the famed Capannina, the area offers prime entertainment that doesn’t end when the summer season does.

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