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Parco Maremma

Footpaths in Maremma Park

Itineraries to explore the area's naturalistic beauty

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The Regional Park of Maremma is one of the most interesting and most visited protected areas in Tuscany. Established in 1975, it covers 9800 hectares. It includes the plain at the mouth of the Ombrone River, a beautiful pine forest and the limestone backbone of the Uccellina, culminating in the 417 meters at Poggio Lecci. Covered with dense Mediterranean scrub and scattered with medieval towers, the hills of the Maremma Park host large and small mammals and bird colonies. There is also the presence of horses and cattle bred in Maremma.

Among the most interesting man-made monuments is the Abbey of St. Rabano, founded by the Benedictines, fortified in 1321 in anticipation of the barbarian raids, and destroyed in the fifteenth century by the Sienese.

The central zone of the protected area is reached by using the resources of the park which connect to the center of the Pratini Alberese with the village, from which you can walk along four marked routes. There are also everyday paths: the two paths of the Alberese wildlife-forest, the ring of Bocca d'Ombrone and the two paths of the slope of Talamone.

The paths of Punta del Corvo
Walking - 4 km

Passable all year round, the two paths start from the slope of Talamone Casale delle Caprarecce and climb to the ridge of Punta del Corvo, an excellent lookout over the Tyrrhenian Sea. The shortest path heads back down immediately afterwards, the longer one heads towards the sea and then back.

The ring of Bocca d'Ombrone
Walking and cycling - 5 km

Great for a bike ride, this route takes place in the Pinewood Granducale dell'Uccellina. From the parking lot of Marina di Alberese it returns briefly back to the road, then takes the asphalt road which leads to the Ombrone River. We return along the river and then to the sea.

The path of the Caves
Walking - 8 km

Head to the pratini using Park resources then continue along a path near the rocks that support the towers of Castel Marino and Collelungo, in which there are several caves. Returning you cross the Pineta Granducale.

Like the three following intineraries, this trail requires payment but no appointment and is open on on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. From 15 June to 30 September, the danger of fire makes it compulsory to visit with a guided tour.

The path of the Towers
Walking - 5 km

This interesting trail takes place not far from the Pratini and leads to the towers of Castel Marino and Collelungo, which offer broad views on Pinewood Granducale, the coast and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Way of St Rabano
Walking - 6 km

The most picturesque route to the Parco della Maremma heads from the Pratini dell'Uccellina to the ruins of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Rabano, and heads back through the brush not far from the sea.

The path of Cala di Forno
Walking - 9 km

This path is the longest and most solitary of the Park. It begin near the Pratini, and winds along the coast through the Mediterranean scrub to the beach at Cala di Forno and the eponymous hamlet. The path back makes a stop at the Uccellina beach.

Wildlife and forest trails
Walking - 5 km

These two short routes in the Alberese lets you visit a forest of oak, cork and oak and cross clearings much frequented by deer. You pay a ticket but you can enter every day.