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Food of Tuscan farmers: veal escalopes and baked fruit

This is for sure a love story. It talks about passion for the kitchen, respect for the environment but above all it talks about devotion for a family tradition. Aurelio Barattini is a fourth generation chef at Antica Locanda di Sesto, a family restaurant in Sesto di Moriano, in Lucca. "When I finished my studies I got an offer from a company in Milan, I stopped for a second and thought….I can’t break this tradition, I can’t stop this magic dream called “Antica Locanda di Sesto” and this is when I began working there full time – when it became my kitchen". While he works in the kitchen with "mamma Raffaella" his brother Lamberto waits on the restaurant room. His father Adriano manages a family farm and produces wine and olive oil. Born and raised above his family's restaurant, each morning Aurelio visits the city vegetable markets and the local farmers to choose the best season foods for the restaurant “The food I cook is all about freshness and I only cook whatever is in season. We believe in this.” In this video /interview Aurelio prepares Rovelline Lucchesi, traditional veal escalopes from the Tuscan countryside while Raffaella (Aurelio's mother) shows us how to make a perfect baked fruit for dessert. The detailed recipes of both dishes are available on these links: Baked fruit  Rovelline Lucchesi Video by Lara Musa - Tuscany Social Media Team