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Food and Beach in Tuscany

My main goal is to keep you informed on food in Tuscany, of all sorts, in all shapes and above all in any side of the Region, cities, villages and shacks included. So I'm writing the post to let you know that this summer on Tuscany's beaches you will hear a couple of recurring screams..... 1_ cocco beeeeeello _ beautiful coconut 2_ ciambelle_ donuts .....you might also hear gelati-bibite-paaaaanini - accordingly meaning, icecreams- soft drinks- sandwiches But, I think the two most interesting food items are the coconut slices, that come in an ice cold bucket and the donuts covered in sugar that eventually melts! Hope this short post will guide you in the choice of a great summer snack and remember that while you're at the beach you can even decide to eat some fresh coconut and wait for dinner when one of the restaurants (list beneath) along the coast serves fresh fish and local specialties. Best Restaurants in Lucca Best Restaurants in Massa Carrara