Il museo civico di Chiusi

Following the footsteps of the Etruscans

Spotlighting the treasures of Chiusi

This extraordinary visit begins in Palazzo delle Logge, where you can see a section called ‘The Labyrinth’ displaying interactive panels, photos and an installation representing myths linked to Porsenna, the Etruscan king whose mausoleum is thought to be located in the center of Chiusi’s subterranean labyrinth. Our itinerary later continues at Via Baldetti 8, thanks to a segment called ‘Productive Activities’ which displays agricultural tools from the XIX and XX centuries. Its subterranean rooms contain kitchen ceramics (I century AC) and a series of Etruscan and Roman jugs. There, you’ll also find bi-dimensional templates representing an Etruscan banquet and replicas of frescos from the Colle Tomb in Chiusi. 

Visitors will also enjoy the ‘Epigraphic’ section, located throughout evocative Etruscan tunnels that stretch for 140 meters. There, you’ll see a monumental well and a tiny lake. This is the only museum segment in Italy that’s dedicated entirely to Etruscan epigraphs. It includes 500 inscriptions on cinerary urns and tomb tiles. Nearly 3,000 inscriptions have been found in the Chiusi area that are thought to have been created between II century BC and I century AC. These inscriptions have allowed experts to reconstruct Etruscan records including family histories and information regarding individuals.

In the surrounding area, you won’t want to miss a visit to the Chiusi Cathedral Museum, the Catacombs of Santa Mustiola and Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, in addition to the National Archeological Museum and Chiusi’s Etruscan Necropolis. Visitors will also enjoy a trip to the archeological civic museums of both Chianciano Terme and Sarteano.
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