Following the footsteps of Pirandello in Chianciano Terme

The spas where the great writer wrote many of his stories

Chianciano Terme has been tied in the past to Federico Fellini, but he isn't the only great personage that has chosen this thermal spa for their holidays. Luigi Pirandello, the writer, came to Chianciano Terme with his wife Antonietta – who suffered from paranoia – and their three children sixty years before Fellini for an extended stay. A stay which coincided with a period of inspiration and creativity for the writer. In fact, during his time in Chianciano Terme Pirandello wrote “Acqua amara” and “Pallino e Mimi” both of which reveal details of the Chianciano of those years – the bathers living in small pensioni, and the curative powers of the waters which were just then being legitimated in the scientific world; a snapshot of the thermal baths taken at the moment of its birth.

In homage to Pirandello and his Chianciano sojourn, the town has created a Pirandello Tour which includes the places where the Sicilian writer and playwright stayed and a series of informative panels around the historic centre of the town which mark the sites and situations described in his books from Porta Rivellini to Via Casini, from the Collegiata to the Old Hospital and Via Solferino. A brochure guides visitors through the heart of the town, through that part of the city which, when Pirandello was a visitor, was all there was.