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Antico Ristorante Paoli

Florence's historic restaurants

Discover the real Florence through its food

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Discover Florence through its historic restaurants, experiencing the authentic flavours of the territory and unique atmospheres that can only be found in the city's most hidden and most authentic corners of the city. A tour of 13 historic trattorie which have been open for more than 50 years in Florence: a unique historical and cultural patrimony for travellers who want to discover the hidden aspects of Florence.

Antica Mescita San Niccolò
Originally a customs station for wines that came through Porta di San Niccolò, in the early 1800s it was transformed into a wine bar and general store. After the 1966 flood the cellars were restored and a Romanesque crypt of the Church of San Niccolò was found there and it is now possible to eat in this suggestivs, 11th-century location. Since 1970 the osteria has been known by its present name. The furnishings, partially reconstructed with antique materials, re-create a typical wine bar atmosphere. Since 1993 the restaurant has been run by the Prosperi family who offer a traditional Tuscan menu and a broad choice of wines.

Antica Mescita S. Niccolò
Via San Niccolò, 60/r
Ph: +39 055 2342836

Antico Ristorante Paoli
Opened by Pietro Paoli in 1824, this trattoria became well known in the early 1900s under the management of Cesare Paoli though it was still just a simple delicatessen with marble tables and a clientele drawn from all levels of life. Management was assumed by the employees and in 1909 it was redecorated in the Neo-Gothic style. In 1916 the artist Carlo Coppedé painted the restaurant's famous lunette inspired by the Decameron, and in 1919 Galileo Chini frescoed the "Rose Room." The Cantagalli ceramics, with the coats of arms of the cities of Tuscany, are also worth noting. In 1951  G. Pini restored the restaurant to its past glory with new frescoes by Annigoni and Guarnieri. Paoli has long been a meeting spot for intellectuals (notably Leoncavallo, Puccini, Marinetti) and the restaurant maintains the traditions of Tuscan cuisine.

Antico Ristorante Paoli
Via dei Tavolini, 12/r
Ph. and Fax: +39 055 216215

Fiaschetteria da “Il Latini”
It is believed that Il Latini opened in 1898 as a wine bar and delicatessen managed by Angelo Latini. In 1950 it was transformed into a snack bar and then, in 1964, into a trattoria. Located in the old stables of Palazzo Rucellai, the restaurant is a classic example of the traditional Tuscan trattoria, with prosciutti hanging from the ceiling. The restaurant was seriously damaged in the 1966 flood but was kept open by the then owner Narciso Latini who braved the mud filled streets to continue serving warm meals to the Florentines. Now managed by Torello Latini, the fourth generation of Latini, the restaurant has awarded the "Il Latini" literary prize, dedicated to important figures in Italian culture, since 1982 and since 2000 it has offered the "Enogastronomia" prize. The cellars date to the 1100s and were recently restored.

Fiaschetteria da “Il Latini”
Via dei Palchetti, 6/r
Ph: +39 055 210916

Ristorante Buca Lapi
A picturesque restaurant located in the Renaissance cellars of Palazzo Antinori. Here, in 1879, Orazio Lapi opened a little restaurant in the “buca” (the hole) where he served meals accompanied by wines from the Antinori estate. Over the years Buca Lapi became renowned amongst afficionados of Tuscan cuisine. In the “mythic” 1960s it was at the heart of Florence's “dolce vita” with regulars including Prince Akihito and Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco. The walls are papered with hundreds of posters from all over the world.

Ristorante Buca Lapi
Via del Trebbio 1/r
Ph: +39 055 213768

Ristorante Buca San Giovanni
Opened in 1882, Buca San Giovanni is located in medieval cellars just a couple of steps away from the Baptistery. The history of the location is steeped in legend and it has been suggested that is served as everything from the Sacristy of the Baptistery to a secret meeting place for the Rosa Croce.
The interior is decorated with a 14th century fresco and period furniture. It became a temple of Florentine cuisine and guests included the Prince of Bulgary and John F. Kennedy. Since 1997 it has been under the management of the Frija brothers who offer an original menu which reinterprets traditional flavours into contemporary dishes.

Ristorante Buca S. Giovanni
Piazza S. Giovanni 8
Ph: +39 055 287612

Ristorante Sabatini
Managed by the Sabatini family, this restaurant opened in 1924 in Via Valfonda, near the train station. In 1932, when the new train station opened, the restaurant moved to its current locationin Via Panzani. The last major change to the restaurant took place in 1966 when the back garden was covered and the restaurant was renovated in a classical style. Since 1978 the restaurant has been under its current management which has maintained its refined character and reputation as an elegant international restaurant, recognized by a number of international gastronomic prizes. Its international fame has inspired the opening of other Sabatini restaurants around the world, including one in Japan.

Ristorante Sabatini
Via dei Panzani 9/a
Ph: +39 055 282802