Florence in 2013? Art, art, art!

A year of art 20132013 has just started, but there are already a few signs are telling us that this is going to be a pretty good year for the City of Florence. An artistic year. A cultural year. The Superintendent of Florence’s museums has, in fact, presented “UN ANNO AD ARTE” “(A YEAR OF ART), the program of temporary exhibitions that will be held by the Polo Museale Fiorentino’s museums: “Works of art and documents of every possible kind, either from the collections of the museums themselves or loaned by other Florentine, Italian and foreign museums and cultural institutes, come together to offer the international public what is, in effect, a fully-fledged kaleidoscope of themes.” From spring to the very end of the year. Eight temporary exhibitions to keep you entertained. Eight! And they are all unmissable! So grab your agenda and mark the dates, names and places! 1 – “From Rule to Fancy: Spanish Artists in Italy in the Early Mannerist Period – Uffizi Gallery” (March 5th – May 26th) The intense artistic exchange between the most important Spanish painters and sculptors of the time and Florentine and Italian late-Renaissance artists, in the context of the style known as the early "manner," or Mannerism. 2 –“Luxury and Elegance. French Porcelain at Court and the Ginori Manufactory (1800 - 1830)” – Silver Museum, Palazzo Pitti (March 19th – June 23rd ) The first 30 years of production at Richard Ginori Manufacting. 3 -“Amid Medici Splendour. Pope Leo X in Florence” – Museum of the Medici Chapels (19 March 26th – October 6th) Focus is on the artistic projects and the legacy of Lorenzo Il Magnifico’s son Giovanni, to commemorate his crowning as the first Medici pope and to celebrate a period of astonishing cultural creativity between Florence and Rome.
Florentine sculptor, Leone X bust, Florence, Private Collection
Florentine sculptor, Leone X bust, Florence, Private Collection

4 –“From the Fleur de Lis to the David. Civic art in Florence from the middle ages to the renaissance” – Accademia Gallery (May 14th – December 8th) A retrospective with a completely new approach to the amazing works of art, commissioned from the 14th century onwards to, adorn public buildings in Florence.

5 –“The Renaissance Dream” – Palatina Gallery, Palazzo Pitti (May 21st – September 15th) An international exhibition, in partnership with the Museé du Luxembourg in Paris, which invites the public for the very first time to explore the multi-faceted theme of dreams, in ancient mythology and in Renaissance culture, and how artists have approached this theme.

6 –“The Grand Prince. Ferdinando de' Medici (1663-1713) Collector and Patron of the Arts” – Uffizi Gallery (June 25th – November 3rd) Another exhibition that is Medici-related! This time, it is dedicated to Ferdinando, a prince who never came to the throne and a name that is not as famous as the Grand Dukes. He embodied the patronage of the arts, showing a great interest and knowledge of the Baroque style.
A. D. Gabbiani,
A. D. Gabbiani, "Musici e cantanti del Gran Principe Ferdinando con servo moro", Florence, Accademia Gallery, Dip. ‘Luigi Cherubini’
7 -“Diaphanous Passions. Baroque Ivories from the Courts of Europe” – Silver Museum, Palazzo Pitti (July 16th – November 3rd) A retrospective of fairy-tale carved objects, mainly by sculptors from north of the Alps, whose skill transformed this material of animal origin into an element of artistic perfection. 8 –“Matthias Corvinus and Florence. Art and Humanism at the Court of the King of Hungary” – San Marco Museum (October 10th – January 5th, 2014) Finally, in the year dedicated to cultural exchange between Italy and Hungary, the “anno ad arte” programme in Florence will end the splendid season with an exhibit on 15th century Humanism at the court of Buda and on the powerful personality of King Matthias Corvinus, patron of the arts and personal friend of Lorenzo the Magnificent (so, yes, somehow we’re talking about Medici - again!). INFO Un Anno ad Arte website  Tel. +39 055.294883 To buy tickets online, see here.