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La limonaia del giardino di Boboli: i vasi sono tutti in cotto. Foto Breschi.

Florence from above: Boboli Gardens

A trip through an elegant and colorful oasis

Map for 43.768732,11.256901
Disabled visitors should have no problem visiting the Boboli Gardens with a companion as long as some basic tips are followed. The ground consists of dirt and gravel paths and the trail is sloped. In order to best access the garden, you must enter at the exit (on the left side of the courtyard, before the bookstore) and go up the large central curved avenue to the base of the garden.  The frontal area (from the amphitheatre to the upper fountain) may be accessed by taking the path on the right up to the first terrace, which boasts a beautiful view of the Pitti Palace. There is also a restroom with an electric ramp (ask staff for assistance). The second terrace with the large central fountain may be reached by one of the uphill side paths. The Porcelain Museum lies just behind the second terrace but is not handicap accessible.

Continue down the left side to the large Neptune fountain at the base of the garden, near the Porta Romana exit. To reach the fountain from the side path, there is a 6 cm beveled step which can be crossed with assistance. Wheelchair access is available at the Porta Romana exit only (not the via Romana exit). The path towards the palazzo is also accessible through the limonaie and greenhouses though it is uphill and gravel (but fairly compact).