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Fashion Museums in Tuscany

Discover the past and present of textile, accessories, clothing and shoe industries in Tuscany

Museum of Costume and Fashion in Florence

Palazzina della Meridiana
Palazzina della Meridiana - Credit: Sailko

Ferragamo Museum in Florence

Ferragamo Museum
Ferragamo Museum - Credit: Museo Ferragamo

Tessuto Museum in Prato

Museum of the Art of Wool in Stia (Arezzo area)

Museo dell'Arte della Lana in Stia
Museo dell'Arte della Lana in Stia - Credit: Lanificio di Stia - Museo dell'arte della Lana on Facebook

Museo UNOAERRE in Arezzo

Museo Unoaerre
Museo Unoaerre - Credit: Museo Unoaerre

Cerratelli Foundation in San Giuliano Terme (Pisa area)

Cerratelli Foundation
Cerratelli Foundation - Credit: Fondazione Cerratelli

Gucci Garden Galleria in Florence

Exploring the Gucci Garden Galleria
Exploring the Gucci Garden Galleria - Credit: Gucci.com
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